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I've never personally read or heard a negative testimony about using colloidal silver. At first, I thought Rosemary Jacobs might meet the criteria but there seems to be a discrepancy. Colloidal silver, according to her own testimony before the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee, on May 9, 1999, did not cause her case of argyria. She states repeatedly before the committee that Argyrol, a compound containing silver, was the cause. I found it quite interesting that for some reason she does not mention argyrol as the cause of her condition in the personal testimony she offers within her website. Rather, she claims that "colloidal silver (CSP)" was the cause. All I can figure out is that she's talking about something called colloidal silver protein...a compound quite different than pure colloidal silver. What's with that? What happened to argyrol? All I can assume from her personal testimony before the committee and the information presented on her website is that she, in fact, has no personal experience with the use of or exposure to ionic/colloidal silver suspended in water through the process of electrolysis.

7-05 Hi

My story is very simple that Colloidal Silver does nothing to stop infection wether it be the common cold or a more serious infection as I have had for the last 8 months.

I have a common staph infection in a replacement hip & I have been on Colloidal Silver for the last 6 months & it has done nothing to help stop the infection & it is only the antibiotics I have taken that have kept the infection suppressed until I have an operation in 2 weeks that totally removes my replacement hip & a tempory joint is put in the place of the infected joint & the tempory joint is coated with a surgical antibiotic cement to kill the bacteria & in the same time I developed a cough & cold all while taking the so called miracle Colloidal Silver it is useless & no wonder the experts put it on the shelf. Don't waste your money on this so called miracle product.

G Bellet, Qld, Australia

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