Colloidal Silver Facts

Patent Information

Ever-increasing U.S. patent application activity speaks volumes about the potential of colloidal silver!

If the use of colloidal silver is such a scam, according to Quackwatch, why are patents related to the use of use and efficacy of colloidal silver submitted? I have included a sample of patent application summaries based on a search of the phrase "colloidal silver." I'm sure there are many more based on other search phrases. To view complete patents, go to the U.S. Patent Office website and conduct a search using patent numbers. Read through the patents to gain a wealth of in-depth knowledge.

Ionic Silver Complex
Antimicrobial yarn having nanosilver particles and methods for manufacturing the same
Treatment of circulating water systems
Water treatment compositions
Method of water treatment
Stable antimicrobials in structured water
Compositions using tetrasilver tetroxide and methods for management of skin conditions using same
Methods of treating skin and integument conditions
Refrigerator with a finish material containing nanosilver particles
Mixtures of phenolic and inorganic materials with antimicrobial activity
Nasal irrigation solutions and methods of using same
Microbicidal formulations and methods to control microorganisms
Colloidal nanosilver solution and method for making the same
Respiratory infection treatment device
Antimicrobial and immunostimulating composition
Method for disinfecting a dense fluid medium in a dense medium plasma reactor
Colloidal silver suspension for treating skin problems in tropical and decorative fish
Microbial-derived cellulose amorphous hydrogel wound dressing
Disinfectant and method of making
Clean water for dental delivery units
Ionic silver complex
Antimicrobial compositions containing colloids of oligodynamic metals

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