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Silver-Colloids This site is dedicated to the publication and dissemination of scientific information about colloidal silver. Information contained on these pages is intended for informational and educational purposes. The authors contributing information found on these pages do not directly or indirectly dispense medical advice nor prescribe any remedies or assume responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves.

Silver-Colloids - Publications? This section contains a wealth of technical information in the form of papers, tables and graphs, lab reports, and a free book in downloadable format. The book and many reports on this site are in pdf format which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Reduction in Viral Load in AIDS Patients with Intravenous Mild Silver Protein – Three Case Reports A recent article appearing in the Clinical Practice of Alternative Medicine lends further merit to the use of silver as an anti-viral agent. It is an intriguing glimpse into the potential applications of an important, but often overlooked metal. In the article, study authors Dean, Mitchell, Whizar-Lugo, and South, explore silver's history in the pre-antibiotic era--and report their impressive results on the intravenous use of mild silver protein in three case studies. (by Kimberly Pryor)

The Chemical and Physical Basis of the Therapeutic value of colloidal forms of silver By John Marshall Dudley. Silver colloids were analyzed from several scientific perspectives to determine what the expected action is on various pathogens as well as its effect, if any, on so called friendly or non-pathogenic bacteria.

The Development and Functions of Silver in Water Purification and Disease Control By Richard L. Davies and Samuel F. Etris. The Silver Institute, Washington DC.

AgION™ Technologies Agion branded antimicrobial technology makes products cleaner and longer lasting with silver, copper and zinc, which have been proven in use throughout history. Agion antimicrobial technology provides built-in protection by working 24/7 resisting the growth of microbes.

Conduct Your Own Experiments! Take a look at these simple experiments you can conduct with colloidal silver.

Multiple Clinical Studies … One Conclusion Silverlon Dressings Reduce Occurrence of Infection Silverlon® Dressings Reduce the Occurrence of Surgical Site Infections — Proven in More Clinical Studies than Any other Silver Dressing.

Internurse Articles Search for "silver" articles. is the online archive of peer-reviewed nursing articles published by MA Healthcare Ltd, the UK's leading independent nursing publisher. It draws together articles from 13 high-quality journals, including the foremost generalist clinical journal, British Journal of Nursing, and the leading journal for wound-care professionals, Journal of Wound Care.

Official Spin-off Technology Bon Del began when inventor Ray Ward read about the technology NASA perfected in the '70's for filtering water using a combination of granular activated carbon bound to silver. Our technology consists of these basic component pieces: Granular activated carbon, silver bonded to the activated carbon inhibits bacteria growth, official Nasa spin-off technology.

Results of Clinical Tests - Heallix tm Conducted by ARUP (Associated Regional & University Pathologists, Inc.)University of Utah Research Park on October 18, 2001. Heallix contains silver but is not colloidal silver.

Healing Skin & Other Soft Tissues Marvin Robey. ..."It was an enormous excavation running almost from his knee to his ankle. In the operating room, we soaked a big piece of silver nylon in saline solution and laid it over the wound. ...We packed the fabric in place with saline-soaked gauze, wrapped the leg, and connected the battery unit."

Research that does not support the use of Colloidal Silver

Silver products for medical indications: risk-benefit assessment. Fung MC, Bowen DL. Center of Drug Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, Maryland, USA. Claims that indiscriminate use of silver products can lead to toxicity such as argyria. (Again, research is conducted on silver compounds, not colloidal silver on this website. Also, argyria is a "cosmetic," not a "toxic" medical condition.)

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