Colloidal Silver Facts


I have been fighting a sinus infection since Nov 4 of 2009, went thru a course of zpack, heavy duty broad spectrum antibiotics for a month, two major nationally acclaimed ENT's and 2 CT scans. Zero, zilch, nada! Sounds like the Christmas poem of 12 days of Christmas. I knew this was fungal, and was waiting for someone to suggest a culture, nope, just a suggestion for surgery. Not on the cards for me. So I took matters into my own hands and sprayed colloidal silver into each nostril twice today, bingo, gone. Makes me emotionally ill that I was so gullible. We had a plane flight to the West and I did not want to chance being sick. Hah!!! Sick the entire trip. I am not into taking medication, guess my brain was on winter hibernation. Anyway, am online looking up new generators.

Cheers Sharon H.

I have used Microdyn for four years, actually. I read a Mark Metcalf piece on CS in Magical Blend magazine, and then two weeks later my wife serendipitiously discovered that Microdyn is high potency CS. It is sold in Mexico to kill cholera, purify water, and clean vegetables. But the literature that comes with it also claims that Microdyn kills salmonella and e. coli as well as parasites (which it does).

I first started using it on cuts and scratches, which fester up and infect instantaneously here in Southern Mexico. Worked like a charm, dried up and healed everything about three times faster than my greasy kid stuff triple-antibiotic cream, which I evenntually discontinued using.

The ultimate external test I had was when I was severely bitten by my dog after it was hit by a car and I foolishly tried to be of assistance. She was a big German Shepherd mix with a serious set of teeth, and she gave me 19 puncture wounds on both arms and legs, and a 2.5-inch gash on my wrist which went to the bone for 5/8s of an inch. It was a very clean cut, caused by a broken tooth.

After initial cleaning with h2o2, and an application of antibiotic ointment and CS, I used only CS from day two on, with incredible healing success. The wrist wound was laid open to at least 1/2 inch in width at the worst, but I was told by my MD father-in-law "never stitch an animal bite," and I followed his advice. So I just applied CS twice daily. The wound closed, dry and pristine, in three days. It was amazing. All of the puncture wounds (but one) healed in 4-5 days, because some were very deep. And everything healed with very tiny scar tissue.

The one that refused to heal (despite repeated injections of Microdyn straight into the wound) finally gave up a 3/8-inch broken dog tooth, from the one that gashed my wrist, which was imbedded in my arm for 13 days. As soon as the tooth was out, it healed cleanly too.

End of dog story.

Internally, I personally have used CS to kill salmonella (3-4 times) amoebic dysentery, food poisoning (several times), colds, viral (australian) flu, and have not suffered a case of dengue fever in the same time frame, when I usually got 1-2 cases a year. When I get something serious internal, like salmonella, I dose myself with 10 drops of Microdyn in a class of water for a day and a half, 4-5 times in all. My symptoms are generally gone entirely in 18 hours, but experience has shown that additional doses of CS are required after symptoms disappear. (Salmonella, incidentally, is a thoroughly noxious intestinal infection which is impervious to antibiotics. In fact, you are not supposed to take antibiotics for salmonella, because it will only cause it to mutate and move into your liver. So you suffer for 18 days before your body can muster up enough antibodies to get rid of it.

I have observed firsthand CS killing ear and eye infections, vaginal infections (a 30-minute cure), an office full of colds, hemorrhoids, sinus infections, and -- get this -- restoring the big toenails of a woman friend, who had lost them to a fungal infection picked up in Thailand. This woman, a yoga instructor, had no big toenails for 15 years until she applied Microdyn twice daily for 6 months, and they grew back.

The tested potency of Microdyn, I'm told, is not the 3200 ppm that has been touted (myself included) but is much less than that. But it is still some of the strongest stuff on the market. As far as arygria goes, I guess I'm a test case in the making, I put 10-12 drops a day into my drinking water, every day, and after 4 years of consuming the stuff the only thing I have that's blue are my eyes.

Bill Missett
Puerto Escondido, Mexico

My 9-year-old son began a deep cough, along with cold symptoms. He usually develops this cough at least once or twice a year. This time I got him nebulizing with CS/MSM, sprayed it in his nose, and drank it. AFter nebulizing only 3 times his cough was gone, as was his cold, and he was off to Tahoe for Snow Boarding!

His coughs usually last weeks to the point where his father is telling me to take him to the MD...I never do because I don't want meds.

I was completely impressed at how the nebulizing worked! And he said the spray in his nose really cleared it up...making it drain!

Thanks God!


One of the benefits of CS is the fact that you can not take too much. We use it for everything, which would include any mouth problems. We take if daily for absolutely no reason also, more as a preventive measure. Three to four ounces daily, and if we feel something coming on we may drink several times that much. Also used topically on all sorts of problems from insect and tree/vine bites, skin irregularities to toenail fungus. If you wanted more info on the making and uses of CS the other Yahoo Colloidal Silver club has thousands of posts and a good search engine. Good luck.

Hey! Have I got a testimony for you! A friend of my wife called her up the other day. She was on her 4th bought of pneumonia in less than a year's time. The doctor kept proscribing amoxacyllian, it was not working this time and her temp had gone as high as 104 F. My wife tried to get her to go back to the doctors but she was rather reluctant and in fact never did. My wife called me at work and wanted to know if we could give her the CS that I had made up the night before. That evening I went to our friend's house and gave her the CS. I told her to take 1 oz. then and spray some up her nose with a nasal sprayer while breathing in. She then informed me she had a nebulizer. We immediately got it out. I checked the postings, out on the club to find out how much to use. We used 2 dropper full in the chamber. The next day she was remarkably better and her temp was around 99.5 and dropping. 5 days later she is fine. Her husband was grateful and claims that it got her out of her deathbed. I wouldn't go that far. But it was a rather remarkable recovery. I truly thank God for showing me this remarkable stuff.

The surfer

I have lived with constant, daily shingles pain for over five years now, and since starting CS and MSM about 1 1/2 weeks ago, I have noticed that my neuralgia has faded dramatically.

I started making and taking CS a week and a half ago with a portable generator. By that time, I had grown weary of being sick for over two and a half months with a sinus/bronchial infection. Several rounds of antibiotics didn't have any effect. Now, after a week and a half of 1 to 2 ounces a day, I feel completely cured. I'm continuing with a maintenance dosage of 1/2 ounce twice a day. From the directions that came with my generator, I think I'm making 2-4 ppm, but until my ppm tester arrives, I can't be sure.

A couple weeks ago, I had an eye infection (a stye) that became quite inflamed. The second day I had it, I started spraying CS directly into my eye (approx 10ppm), and 2 days later it was completely gone, with no other drugs/gunk. I'm happy to report that it wasn't at all uncomfortable, and in fact, was effective pain relief! Makes good horse sense ;)


hi,a friend of mine raises warm bloods,big horses,they developed sinus and lung infections after a move,suspected strangles,also 4 month old colt with runny eyes,she used 1 gallon of app 10 ppm in 250 gal of fresh well water,swabbed the eye with cs,appears to be working great,


Hello Sparky, If it's the imune system you are intrested in improving, I probley have the best testimony on that here. I am hiv poz. since 1985 and had only 25 Cd4 cells left when I started the cs. and my Cd8 was 75, now two years later they are Cd4-980, Cd8-2,100. This is due to cs only and exercise. In the beggining I used cs and joged becouse I met a man in SF that used jogging to treat his hiv, telling me that since the legs produce the largese amount of new Cd-cells to keep your legs exercised was vital to impoved imune responce. Now I couldn't jog all the year round so I took a job that gave me the same results and I now deliver the daily paper to a hotel here that is about 5miles a night of walking as fast as I can. I get my exercise and get paid for my treatment. So I hope this is helpful if you want to contace me personaly please feel free to do so.


Hi, I'm the one who wrote a testimonial awhile back about my husband's improvement with his lungs. He has emphysema and had pneumonia in Feb. and was near death until we started him on CS in early July.

Today our doctor, an MD in Internal Medicine, phoned and asked me to tell another patient where he could obtain CS. I just talked with this patient's wife...she and I are both RNs...and she is very excited about using the silver.

Also, my doctor said, "Why don't you start selling silver to patients who need it?" !!! I told her, "Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want to be raided by the FDA." :-)

But...isn't it great that an MD is willing to look at these alternative methods?


Im a little late with my reply, but........

I have been successful with using CS for yeast infections. For me it was reoccuring, but since CS, I have had no problems (knock on wood). I started with 2 tblspns. in a glass of water daily (initially I also used Acidophulus in conjunction with the CS, as was recommended by the woman in the health food store that I had purchased the CS from). I was pleased with it's effects and the other things that it was good for and purchased my own generator.

Thanks Russ for the info on using CS in a nebuliser. Just a progress report on my daughter who has Cystic Fibrosis. She started on CS 3 months ago (message 2792) After a few weeks she gradually discontinued all her antibiotics. She's had one checkup at hospital outpatients clinic and her breathing test had improved. She has regained her appetite, put on weight, and her energy is increasing. She has just finished a three week stint performing in Les Miserables as Fantine. CS came to our notice just in time....she was seriously ill and looked it. Thank you, Universe!

Hello, I have written very few of these, and the reason is that I find few items, articles, etc. to compliment openly that has done what this silver has done. I am 48 years of age, male, 6'' 71/2" tall and weight is about 575 lbs. A friend of mine told me about this "Wonder Water" some time back. I had ulcers on both of my legs, and have had them since January, 1998. I have been going to doctors since then once a week, and they have done everything to me I think known to man trying to heal my legs. I am not diabetic, so that thought can leave you.

My thyroid has been tested, O.K., just as everything else has been tested, examined, poked, prodded, and played with (in the doctor sort of way). My blood pressure is fairly constant 100/60 and my pulse is normal. I tell you this because of my size, and these are the same answers I have to give someone when I try to tell them about the silver and what it did for me.

The doctors could not get my legs healed. Like I said, my friend turned me on to this silver water, and I decided to give it a try. I am letting you know, this healed my legs. I also did something else for me. Last winter, my wife, daughter and two grandchildren were extremely ill with the flu virus. I was around them constantly. Not once did I even feel like I was going to catch the virus. We make our own silver using one of your generators. My friend makes it 15-18 PPM, and I consume probably 2-3 bottles (16 oz) per week.

Anyone that reads this, and has any questions may contact me at and I will be happy to answer them. Anyone that thinks this silver water is a fluke, keep thinking that, and I will keep drinking it. You get sick, and I'll stay well. I swear by this water, and live by this water. My friend can tell any of you that I swear by it. I keep him busy making it for me.

Daniel L. Cooper
Arcadia, FL

Hello, again, my friend: Thanks for your kind response. I understand... How sad that such a good thing -ignored by those who should most know about it and use it- should have such enemies...!!! You know, I recently entered the website of a Vit. store and, seeing CS there, I went to the item... so expensive, and extolled as high quality by virtue of it's 'deep golden color'. Right there, I knew what type it was.

Also, I guess I never mentioned it to you, but in light of having seen your report on Mx. and the use of the respiratory machine with CS, my youngest daughter, now 31, who's suffered asthma over the years, followed the example, and in 5 minutes was totally alleviated from the onset of an attack, as well as the chest tightness gone. Later, the lady pharmacist who gets 'silver fortified water' from me has done the same with her elderly mother, who was gravely ill from bacteria contamination within a hospital (had to stay there over 50 days!), with remarkable results. She just told me that she's recovered better than 90%!

BTW... I don't believe I told you that about 3 months ago, my yearly blood tests showed my PSA had risen from a .04 to almost 5.0! I had, quite honestly, been very careless in specific areas of health/nutrition care that over the previous years I had followed quite strictly. I asked the doc for 8 weeks B 4 being referred to a urologist, in order to get back on my 'regime' and to use my new "zapper" as per Dr. H. Clark. At 8 weeks, I had my next blood test... PSA was down to 1.9. I do continue, regularly, all that I was doing, so I'm hopeful that the next test will be even lower. CS is, also, part of my daily intake... I take 4-6 oz a day, sometimes more. I also have it in a nasal spray bottle. Since starting to use CS about 2 years ago, I've not had a cold, virus infection, etc., ever take hold... try to start up, yes, but always defeated within the next 30 min. or less. I praise God for having made silver for the good of our bodies! I also put 6oz+ daily in my dog's water (a beautiful, big Dalmatian). He's never had the first sign of cold or infection for his 1 1/2 yrs.!

Once again, thanks for your answer. Take care. I hope all works out well in all the matters you mentioned and which are familiar to us.

Cordially yours,

Dave S.

I have been using CS mainly for topical applications and when colds come on. My youngest son's eczema flares up during the winter and CS has been the only thing that really works. We have tried different ointments and creams but nothing eliminated the rash like CS did. Also, both my sons had some accidents that resulted in cuts on their chins that needed stitches. We butterflied the skin and applied CS a couple times a day and have seen remarkable results.

From the book, "How to Beat Multiple Sclerosis", by Nadine A. Wooley: An addendum inside the front cover titled "Late Breaking News": After this book had already left for the printers, the author received news which needs to be shared with her readers.

1. Nadine Wooley had used the HVAC silverwater described in her chapter "A Cure for MS?" for eight months when she was given a MRI in mid-December. The MRI revealed that two of the plaques (or lesions) on her brain were gone.The plaques had been in evidence in every one of Nadine's MRIs (five in all), taken since 1988.

2. Nadine no longer uses her cane.

3. She has not had a UTI (a bladder infection) since taking the silver water.

4. Seven months after first taking silver water, Nadine had a silver toxicity blood test done by the Mayo Clinic. The results revealed no silver toxicity. In fact, silver levels showed slightly less than average in her blood.

5. The silver water manufacturer mentioned in this book, has moved to Israel.

6. On page 80, the word watt should read volt.

A Note from Dr. Bruce - the person who was providing the HVAC silver water was Ray Churba of Portland OR, who was running our UltraPros. As I understand it, on leaving for Israel, he sold one of his systems to Les Smith, who continued making the silver water for Nadine. With the release of Nadine's book, they have been innundated with requests for silver water and have recently purchased two additional UltraPro systems to keep up with demand. Congratulations! PS - Ray is back and has another UltraPro.

I highly recommend anyone with an interest in CS, and MS, to get Nadine's book "How to Beat Multiple sclerosis" (and the things your doctor didn't tell you), by Nadine A. Wooley! The ISBN # is: 0-9626697-5-X. Excellent information about the power of CS, and provides hope for people suffering from MS! You can contact Nadine at or visit her site at:

Hi: I gave a bottle of my 20-24 ppm to a friend to try out. He had had itchy spots on the top of his head for years. All treatments had failed. Within 20 minutes of applying CS with a q-tip the itching stopped.

His wife has a skin problem in an undetermined location - has had numerous prescriptions over the years to no avail. My friend asked her to try it and she balked. She asked him if it was any good and he replied by asking 'when was the last time you saw me scratching my head?'. She tried it. Within 30 minutes her discomfort had gone. They are eternally grateful.

I. R.

I had written earlier about getting over some congestion when using a nebulizer once a day for a couple days. Someone else had suggested staying on the nebulizer for two weeks due to the possibility of not getting completely rid of the "bug." Well, I am back on the nebulizer for the last two days and have had similar congestion from something picked up at the office. So much for the short stint. Needless to say, once I take CS in the nebulizer at night, I feel much better the next morning. I just need to keep on it longer.

We ended up taking our oldest son, who is five, to the doctor only to find out he had an ear infection. Not being too familiar with the symptoms of ear infections, we were just treating orally with 1/2 tsp. per day and 1/2 tsp. through the nebulizer, as opposed to placing a drop or two in the ear. Our youngest son, who is three, did not need to go to the doctor as his symptoms cleared in a couple days. Our daughter, fourteen months, has had some congestion. We've been giving her CS orally once a day, about 1/4 tsp. She is starting to feel better after four days.

By the way, we have used our AC silver to successfully treat pink eye, scabies, psoriasis, upper respitory infections, spider bites, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, shingles, canker sores, acne, feaver blisters, 2nd and 3rd degree facial burns (which did not scar) and athletes foot.

Probably the only reason our list is so small is because we (family and friends) haven't experienced anything else so far. I have not had an upper respiratory infection that lasted longer than two days since I made my first batch of your silver in Nov. of 1997. Prior to that I had one that lasted 4 months; I was x-rayed to rule out pneumonia, had a PPD to rule out TB and generally shunned by my co-workers, who didn't want whatever I had. Now I breeze through cold and flu season with my C silver. That is a great benefit for a nurse.

Hello, Bruce

We have been using CS produced with the HVAC Ultra we received from you last spring here in Tucson and have seen terrific results, both with ourselves and others who have used it. Some of our friends and acquaintances have even had skin cancers disappear in a few weeks, whereas months of conventional medical treatment given by dermatologists right up to the time they took CS had not worked. In fact, one person already had an appointment scheduled with their dermatologist before she started using CS, and the dermatologist was amazed at the dramatic reduction in the size of the skin cancer. In a few weeks, it had shrunk from the diameter of a quarter, with a height of about an eighth of an inch, to less than the diameter of a pencil, and was flush with the skin.

NOTE: This was about a young lady who was hospitalized (paralyzed & bedridden) with MS (somewhere back east - NJ I think), and told by her doctors that the only way she would ever get out of bed again was in a wheelchair. Her brother in CA was having us send the HVAC CS to her. When she started moving her legs, the parents decided to try it. In the process, the mother was rid of Lyme Disease, and the father had another serious problem (sorry - I don't remember what) that he was rid of. In the end, they all went together and bought an UltraPro to continue making and taking the CS as a family. I don't remember who "this" person was (that sent this email) but I believe she was in contact with the brother through an "MS list". Her feedback was very much appreciated! In fact, it is the only feedback I got relative to dosage. All of my feedback from the family was by phone with the brother. Last thing I heard (when they bought the UP) was that the girl was home, getting about, cooking in the kitchen (which she loved), no cane or crutches, and improving daily, although she tired quickly and had to rest allot. I LOVE MY WORK!


Hi: Well, my wife wanted me to put in her two cents regarding Colloidal Silver. I bought three pounds of chicken drumsticks, thawed but previously frozen, yesterday for dinner. When I got home, typical man that I am, I assumed that we would have them for dinner with some nice honey garlic sauce but it was an assumption I made without consulting of course.

Sooooooh... the chicken had to go into the fridge for a day. The bag had about 4-6 ounces of red liquid, blood & water & who knows what else. There are those who understand chicken factories better than I, but it's not pretty. Before I put the chicken into the fridge I poured in about two to four ounces of 28-32 ppm HVAC CS into the plastic bag and shook it all up real well blood and all - hoping against hope that the chicken wouldn't smell so bad the next day that we would have to throw it out.

Now, my wife absolutely hates opening up bags of chicken for this very reason. Today, she opened up the chicken and there was absolutely NO odour. She smelled the chicken, the bag, the paper towel she put the chicken on and couldn't find odour anywhere. She doesn't normally have the nerve to get her nose close to any of these! The drumsticks smelled better than 'real' chicken. She is thoroughly impressed and so am I. And we will enjoy our chicken dinner tonight not wondering if we're doing ourselves in or not to save the $2.97 for the chicken.


I. R.

As a user of Coloidal silver I have experienced many benefits. I try to tell people I live and work with, but find most people reluctant to try it . I do want to tell you of how I used it to treat my mother's case of Shingles. She was broken out along the nerve tract of the left hip and leg. I made wet dressings soaked with Colloidal Silver and covered the sores. Then I placed plastic wrap over the wet bandages and allowed the dressings to dry. I repeated this every day for a week. In one week her lesions were dried, there was no more pain, nor was there any residual pain.

I am a registered nurse in one of North Georgia's hospitals, and I have told this story to some of the doctors who practice there. I was met with some mild, but less than seriouus interest, but mostly just smiles of condecension.

Dear Dr. Bruce Marx:

We bought one of your "Ultra Professional" units about a year ago after being faced with putting our 16 year old son in the hospital for 3-4 days so they could give him mega-doses of antibiotics to try to kill "once and for all" chronic infection that traveled through his ear/nose/throat area for most of his life. This kid had impacted sinuses at age 8 (and the accompanying clean out process) that was discovered while he was hospitalized for mastoiditis. Since that time, he has suffered almost monthly with some type of infection and, of course, has been on and off antibiotics. The cycle would be: infection, antibiotics for 10-14 days (except for a round of some Zithromax or such that was a 7 day treatment), feel good for ~ 2 weeks, infection again.

In the spring of 1998, we had a septoplasty done to straighten a bent septum. WOW, we were so excited that it had been discovered!!! Finally, an end to the vicious cycle!! Not so. By May (the surgery was in April), he had a sinus infection again. THAT's when they proposed the mega-zap. My husband, who had heard about CS, learned as much as he could about it and in November of 1998, he started taking around 2-4 ounces of CS (which we obtained from you) to test the "side" effects on his own body...none.

By February, 1999, we had bought your unit and started our son on it (around mid-February). Around the first of March, he had a flu-type illness for which he was again prescribed antibiotics. We were watching closely what effects (positive) CS would have, and a little discouraged. However, we knew that our son had only been on CS for 2 weeks and it had a big job to do. I write all this to you to let you know that since March, 1999, he has not been to the doctor or had one dose of antibiotics. This is phenomenal since this kid had not been "well" in nine years (that we could recall). In April, 1999, as I prepared our income taxes for 1998, I became aware that he had been on antibiotics and/or at the doctor EVERY MONTH of 1998. For him to go almost a year without illness...WOW!! The only time that it appears he may be getting sick is when he misses his CS. He takes around 6-8 ounces per day (split between a morning dose and a bed-time dose).

Our whole family is on CS daily. The youngest, 5, takes 1.5 - 2 oz. morning and evening, and doesn't catch the "bugs" that go around. He has been sick this week, but we attribute it to the fact that we "let up" during the holiday season, and his system needs to get re-loaded. Art, who normally has sinus infections during the winter months, has had none since being on CS. We have treated cuts, skin rashes, etc. etc. with CS. One of our "newest" applications is use in fighting gum disease. I dip a proxa-brush in CS and brush between the trouble teeth that have some real problems. (I'm actually fighting to keep them.) I started this regime in November. In late December, I had one of the best visits to the dentist in a LONG time. I also apply some each morning to a toenail fungus that seems to be improving. Additionally, we take ~4 oz. orally daily. We hold it in our mouth & do the swish, gargle, swish, etc. thing for about 6 minutes. Thanks for your time.

Very truly yours,

A.& D.

Hi Bruce

We have gone through the first phase of the flu season here and the local variety is definitely the sinus version. The flu shots were given at our plant to anyone interested...a few had bad reactions, but no protection noticeable against this strain.

The other trick I like is to keep an 8oz spray bottle handy with 10ppm CS. A few shots in the face is refreshing and keeps bacteria and viruses away from the mouth and nose. It works well as a mouth wash or quick breath freshener. Someone should do a booklet..."101 things you can do with a spray bottle of CS". Other than spraying it into an electric outlet, I haven't found anything you can't do with it; from athlete's foot to hair odor, and everything in-between.

I found that fooling around with CS and a dropper was not useful. The only way to help the sinus problem is to put about 10cc in each side ( head back ), pinch your nose to keep it in, and put the head down ( about 30 degrees ) and hold it there for about a minute. Then blow the mess out and if there was significant mucus, do it again. Repeat the procedure as soon as new mucus forms...probably 1 - 2 hours. The interval for new mucus to form should double each time. The effects are dramatic. I find few converts to this technique. Most people I spoke with have no idea how to close off the back of the throat to keep the CS from being swallowed, and really want a pill for everything wrong with their lifestyle. It's hard to be a proponent of anything when insufferable laziness abounds.

Trials with 10ppm CS and the nebulizer are very promising. The dose of the flu I got had gone to partial pneumonia when I got smart and started the full sinus flush routine. Using the neubelizer every few hours cleared up the lung infection in two days with treatments about every 4 hours. At the height of my flu episode, I hauled out a frequency generator and hand electrodes ( Dr. Hulda Clark fashion ). It gives you something to do while using the nebulizer. The spray bottle of CS is a good way to get the required hand conductivity for the "zapper" probes...I prefer that to using salt water. I don't know what the synergy between the two treatments is, but both are non-invasive and the "zapper" electric field may enhance the ability of CS in the blood stream to get at the virus.

Best regards

C. Mc.

Using Colloidal Silver with a Nebulizer

There have been many threads concerning Colloidal Silver on a number of discussion forums. Although this post is not intended to start a new thread of endless debate about Colloidal Silver, let me make just a few comments.

First, to individuals who have told me that silver in the body will lead to heavy-metal poisoning, l (Dr. Bruce Marx) have replied that orthopedic surgeons have for many decades been putting silver pins in broken bones and silver plates in fractured skulls.

Also, to my knowledge, nobody can point to any cases in recent years of argyria (blue-gray skin) resulting from using Colloidal Silver produced by modern electrolytic methods.

At any rate, Colloidal Silver is very effective for skin problems when applied topically rather than through the circulatory system. I have been told that because the pathogens that cause respiratory problems reside on the inner surfaces of the lungs, these inner surfaces must also be treated topically. This is because like the skin, these inner surfaces are exposed to the atmosphere; they are not truly "inside" the body, like the liver.

To treat these inner surfaces topically with Colloidal Silver, you must inhale it from a nebulizer.

A month ago, I had passed on all this information to a friend, who then began ingesting Colloidal Silver and was able to diminish, but not eradicate, his flu symptoms. The Colloidal Silver that he used was produced by 10,000 VAC electrolysis, using a Colloidal Silver generator from CS Pro Systems ( The concentration was 28-32 ppm, with a particle size of 0.003-0.008 microns.

On his third bout with the flu, my friend experienced the following scenario.

My friend attributes his cure to inhaling Colloidal Silver, because even taking a prescribed antibiotic, he got worse until shortly after he inhaled Colloidal Silver. It's a shame that other people who contracted viral pneumonia this winter and died (and there were far too many) did not know about inhaling Colloidal Silver.

Hi Doc.,

Just got back from Sadona where my uncle Frank lives. He's the one I told you that has prostrate cancer. I brought him a gallon of CS and gave him your recommendations of taking 2oz, three times a day. He is very grateful and thanks you very, very much. Its like you have been saying all along, when push-comes-to-shove, what do you do? Also, my uncle Frank was very encouraged by the fact that you have been helping, and giving hope to all those HIV people you told me about. And actually isn't that what we are doing, were selling "hope" for people, to have a better quality of life. As a matter of fact you may get a "thank you" phone call from my uncle, his name is Frank Stobinski, a good man and like yourself, a mentor to me and alot of people. Again, from my self and my family, we thank you for all you do and all the help and support you have given me, so I can in turn help other people. Thank you and thank God for Colloidal Silver,

R. N. Mesa, AZ

The daughter of a woman I work with called in tears saying her kitten was having seizures and near death. She rushed the animal to the vet who performed tests, gave the cat an antibiotic shot, charged her $350, and told the woman that the cat could be dead within a few hours. I gave the lady a bottle of CS and told her to mega-dose the kitten with 3-4 droppers full every couple of hours. I was afraid the cat would be dead by the time she got home, but he was still alive, so she started him on the CS. She called me today and told me the kitten was running around playing with the other cat, apparently totally cured! She has not gone back to the vet, who had already offered her another cat, since he assumed the kitten was not going to make it.

Thanks to all the great advice from the folks on this forum for another CS success story.


I cured my little 6 week old puppy of distemper.

The disease started with a cough. I took him to a Vet and he gave him a liquid antibiotic (i forgot the name of it). A week later all (Rusty)could do was lay there and foam at the mouth. I took him to the Vet and he said he had distemper and wanted to put him to sleep, saying there is no cure for the disease. So I used a turkey baster to inject down his throat 1 oz 3 times a day of 20ppm colloidal silver for the first 3 days. After he got up on his feet again I reduced the amount to 2 times a day for the rest of the week. By that time he was feeling pretty good except he still had a cough that didn't seem to want to go away. I reduced the dose to 1/2 oz 2 times a day for another week. He still coughed a little but was feeling much better.

I took him to a different Vet and he took a blood sample which showed his white blood cell count to be over 38000. (8000 to 12000) is normal. So he gave me a weeks worth of broad spectrum antibiotic called Cafa-tabs to give him. I continued my colloidal silver treatment along with the antibiotic. A total of 3 weeks went by and is cough finely went away. I took him to the first Vet and he acted as if he had seen a ghost. I know he had written the little puppy off and he was really suprised to see him alive and twice as heavy!!!

The Vet refuses to believe colloidal silver had anything to do with the cure and wrote on Rusty's chart "Doing well on second round of antibiotics". WHAT???????????? NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Rusty is just fine now, doing all the things a little puppy is supposed to do. We have really learned to love this little animal through this ordeal. He even potty trained himself during his illness. And what more could a dog owner want??

I wanted to write a testimonial as to how CS helped me recently so that maybe by reading it, others can be encouraged and helped. In Oct. (this year)I developed a severly abscessed tooth. Unfortunately this happened while on vacation in Florida and a trip to the emergency room had to be made. In short, they put me on an I.V. with antibiotics and sent me home with antibiotics (pencillin) to take. A week and a half later, I still was not well so I got another round of antibiotics from my doctor. Another week or so went by and still I was not well. I was beginning to get worried when I remembered how some CS had helped my sick kitten in the past. I wrote to Russ(a member of this board) and visited his website and he shipped me some CS in short order.

Guess what? I GOT WELL! It wasn't instant but in less than 5 days I was really feeling good and was pretty amazed by the results! I took 1 oz. 3x a day for 5 days and feel like a new person these days. I won't lie--the detox during the 5 days was tough. I had some diarrhea, sinus congestion, an earache and a few other symptoms but Russ reassured me that it was just my body detoxing all the bad stuff in it and to just let it all happen. Well, I did and I can honestly say that not only did I get well (and get rid of all those symptoms) but I feel better and have MUCH more energy now than I have in a LONG time. No need for an afternoon nap these days-I feel like going all day long. Also and interestingly enough, my food tastes better and my craving for sweets has just about totally disappeared. I thought that was interesting because before I took the CS, I almost lived for sweets and had them every day! Russ explained that sometimes yeast in the intestines causes problems and I believe that I not only got rid of my tooth infection but sinus trouble and yeast trouble as well!

Colloidal silver has been a wonder for me and I would recommend anyone who is a doubter to just TRY it. You won't be sorry. I could go on and on about it--how it's helped my grandmother with a life long chronic bladder infection, or how it has helped my aunt's cat who the vet could not get well. But maybe those are testimonials for another time. I just wanted to write and let everyone know that CS is great. It has really exceeded all my expectations! Best to all and Merry Christmas. Give someone you love a bottle of CS-they'll love you for it! :)


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