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A few months ago I tried colloidal silver to deal with my chronic prostatitis. Within 2 days I noticed a mark improvement in symptoms, in fact, frequency of urination had gone back to normal, no dribbling and no discomfort. Unfortunately, I only continued with my treatment for 5-6 days, and eventually the symptoms returned. If I had to do it over, I would definitely take this for at least 2 weeks! I have a feeling it may have effectuated a cure.

11 Sep 1999

I had a friend who had some type of psoriasis a few years ago from the Vietnam war agent orange exposure. The doctors had been unable to help him in the 3 decades after the war. I gave him some CS about 2 years ago and he reported it completely cleared it up.


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One important point with regards to Connie's cat bites, she allowed her wound to heal from the outside - in, which without a tube to drain the interior wound, it has now become infected. In treating any animals and most recently myself of some deep chainsaw wounds, I always make certain to heal the wound from the inside out. This way, if infection occurs, it is visible and easier to treat.

It took nearly 3 weeks for my cuts to completely heal over (they truly needed stitches, but the thought of the darned shots to numb my knee turned me completely off!), but I used CS as my only source of "natural" antibiotic (internally - applied nothing externally) and keep the wound moist, so it could NOT scab and heal from the outside-in. Not a single sign of infection ever. Mind you, I live miles out in the dirt and have 60 animals. I rested and kept my leg fairly elevated the first 3 days after I chopped myself up (the resting was more physically and mentally painful than the darned cuts!), but after that I was back in the dirt, stream, and working - tho a bit straight kneed. By ALL rights, I expected it to get infected.

Julie & Critters

I was introduced to CS about 4 years ago. I began making my own and everyone in my family now uses it. Prior to finding CS someone would be sick in my family almost weekly. Now none of us are ever sick any more. We rarely ever even start to get anything, and if we do start getting a sore throat or feeling ill, we take a couple of ounces of 5 ppm CS and the symptoms always go away within a few minutes.

Here are a few of the things we have found CS works for.

Marshall Dudley
Knoxville TN
Received: 10/27/01

My wife was hospitalized with numerous problems and eventually died in the hospital. At the end she had also acquired a staph infection in her lungs which was transmitted to me. This was my fault because I had been practically living at the hospital through all of this, under stress and hadn't been taking my regular doses of vitamins, minerals and colloidal silver.

I refused the usual anti-biotic treatment for this full blown staph infection and treated myself at home with colloidal silver. I took 16 ounces a day (divided into 4 doses of 4 ounces every 3 hours) for 4 days. I generate my own colloidal silver at 10-20 ppm strength. I was quite pleased with the rapid recovery from a potentially lethal infection.

I continue to consume 1 ounce per day as a prophylactic or preventive health measure and have done so for years. I never have colds or flu symptoms anymore and the sinus conditions that I used to suffer with are completely gone....... I have total confidence in the safety and efficacy of consuming colloidal silver.

Bob Bartell
Received: 10/30/01

Note: From the CDC we read that influenza, commonly called "the flu," is an infection of the respiratory tract caused by the influenza virus. Compared with most other viral respiratory infections, such as the common cold, influenza infection often causes a more severe illness. Typical influenza illness includes fever (usually 100F to 103F in adults and often even higher in children) and respiratory symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, as well as headache, muscle aches, and often extreme fatigue. Although nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can sometimes accompany influenza infection, especially in children, these symptoms are rarely the primary symptoms. The term "stomach flu" is a misnomer that is sometimes used to describe gastrointestinal illnesses caused by organisms other than influenza viruses.

Most people who get the flu recover completely in 1 to 2 weeks, but some people develop serious and potentially life-threatening medical complications, such as pneumonia. In an average year, influenza is associated with more than 20,000 deaths nationwide and more than 100,000 hospitalizations. Flu-related complications can occur at any age; however, the elderly and people with chronic health problems are much more likely to develop serious complications after influenza infection than are younger, healthier people.

Mine is a simple story. I am 61 years old and came down with a fever which went back and forth from 100 degrees to 102 degrees. This lasted for 5 days. On the 4th day I drank 1 liter of CS each day for 4 days. My fever went down on the second day of drinking the second liter.

Dennis R. Lyons
Denton, TX USA
Received 11/1/01

David Haley wrote:

Does anyone know if you can put CS directly into the eye? My next door neighbors 3 year old daughter appears to either have pink eye or possibly a regular eye infection. She scraped her eyelid with a briar branch a few days ago but said it didn't get in her eye. My friend has been treating with Echinacea/Goldenseal tea in the eye and it seems to be improving but she would like to know if CS would work too?




One of my earliest experiments was to put some CS into my daughter's eyes. Took out a bout of pinkeye over night. I hope it works as well for your neighbors.

Be well,

Mike D.
Posted 11/03/01


My don does it all the time. With contacts he would get eye infections quite often. Also my daughter uses it in the eyes of her daughter when she gets pinkeye. Infections seem to be gone within a few minutes in all cases.

Marshall Posted 11/03/01

Note: According to the CDC, Pinkeye, also called conjunctivitis, can be caused by bacterial or viral infections or by allergic reactions to dust, pollen, and other materials. Bacterial and viral infections usually produce a white or yellowish pus that may cause the eyelids to stick shut in the morning. The discharge in allergic conjunctivitis is often clear and watery. All types involve redness and burning or itching eyes. Pinkeye in child care settings is most often due to bacterial or viral infections. It can usually be treated with antibiotics. Red and sore eyes may be part of viral respiratory infections, including measles.

The germs that cause conjunctivitis may be present in nasal secretions, as well as in the discharge from the eyes. Persons can become infected when their hands become contaminated with these materials and they rub their eyes. Eyes can also become infected when a person uses contaminated towels or eye makeup.

Thank you all for your help! Also would like to mention that my wife just had bronchitis she has had it before and this is the 1st time she hasn't had to use antibiotics for it. She is almost completely better she caught it from her brother he went to the doctor isn't much better and is still taking antibiotics. She has been taking ~8 oz cs per day for hepatitis C Don't know how it's working for the hcv but is nice to at least see results on something she "ALWAYS" needed antibiotics for in the past

From the Silver-List Discussion Group
Posted 11/06/01

Hi Pam,

This is anecdotal of course. One of our customer's dog had tumors all over its body. They were lumps under the hide. He took the dog to his vet and they did exploratory surgery. As soon as the dog was cut open, the vet took one look, sewed it up and said "It's too late, the dog will be gone soon. Take it home and make it comfortable". The dog was diagnosed with hemangio sarcoma. Spelling may be incorrect.

The dog was a whippet and the owner had previously had four, none of which had lived beyond 12 years. This dog was 13 at the time. The owner bought one of our generators and began to give the dog CS instead of drinking water.

He called me about a month after starting the dog on CS and told me the dog had stayed bedridden for several days and then got up and began to get frisky. He said the lumps were disappearing. I asked him to keep me apprised of the dogs health. He called back a few weeks later and said the dog was acting like a pup and when the owner came home at night from work, the dog had been taking his personal items outside as it did in its youth. He said the dog was completely OK as far as he could tell. All lumps had disappeared except one on its neck which he said felt hard and encapsulated.

I lost touch with the owner for over a year and he finally called me recently to say the dog was now 14 and still in apparent good health and spirits. It has been about a year and one half since the dog was diagnosed. He still uses CS as drinking water for his critter. He did not tell me the strength of his CS but since he made with our automatic unit it was probably 10-15 PPM.

I know this is anecdotal evidence but we all know that animals do not exhibit placebo effect, so it appears to me the CS did help.

Good luck with your pooch. It wouldn't hurt to try CS and it might help.

From the Silver-List Discussion Group
Posted 11/08/01


Last June, I board out one of my cats at the vets, due to an emergency she had the day before leaving on a vacation. She came home with a mean upper respiratory virus, something which we had never seen/experienced before. I started nebulizing her in an enclosed, clear plastic storage container, twice a day, with CS and anti. For two days she was seriously ill, never had I seen a cat gasping for breath, she was on deaths doorstep. Well, 2 days later, after 4 days treatment, she was doing great! From the day she started to get ill to 8 days later, this cat made a miraculous recovery! On day 8 she was completely normal, you'd never know she was ill. Vet was very surprised as she said she had several cats that had caught the URI and they were still fighting the infection, antibiotics weren't working.

I think enclosing your dog in a covered crate or depending on his size, a clear container with a lid would be more effective. Space Savers has some pretty large containers with lids. I say clear because I would think the animals would get panicky in a dark container. Once my cat saw she could see me through the container she sat quietly.

I continue to give the cats CS (orally), a dropper full(when I think of it). Occasionally, I have replaced their drinking water with various concentrations of CS.. from 5 ppm to 12ppm, give or take. Recently, I had an older cat that seemed a bit off. She was sleeping a lot and not playing. I hadn't given them CS for sometime, so I gave her a dropper full of CS for a few days...she bounced right back!

My cats are high energy and sometimes after a high speed chase or playful boxing match, one will have a winky eye. I use CS with a minute amount of celtic salt added, to ease the sting... works like a charm.

From the Silver-List Discussion Group
Posted: 11/09/01

Hi all,

Congratulations Pam, the fun has only begun. A few months ago I made my first batch of CS, after lurking and considering what to do for about three weeks, I had difficulty accepting as real, what I was reading from the other subscribers. I've been an electronics technician for nigh on twenty years, but it took me nearly a month to get my finger out and make CS. About four days after I produced the first batch our first born, now aged sixteen, stormed into the bathroom, blood dripping form a cut on palm of his left hand. The cut was made by barbed wire, about 3mm in depth.

As he rinsed the blood from his hand with the running water he asked me if my CS would help him. I got the CS spray bottle and we sprayed the open cut a couple of times, then he went into his bedroom. About ten seconds had passed when he shouted at me to come quickly, I did. To my amazement the cut was no longer open and the bleeding had stopped, as he showed me his hand, palm open so I could see the wound. My wife returned home about two hours later and she was shown the wound. She thought the wound was three to four days old and was also amazed that it was only two hours old. My motto these days is: Spray first, ask questions later.


From the Silver-List Discussion Group
Posted: 11/08/01

I just want good health

I have heard many things about this product and bought some today. I have been suffering from, sinus problems that causes my throat to be infected and a had a unknown sore in my mouth, but after I tried it today. I feel a whole lot better. I can feel it working on the infection and my sinus in not draining so far. I feel God is going to make this product work for me. I do have confidence in this product. I just want good health. Take care and God Bless.

Regina Carthell
Posted: 09/23/02

I was taking antibiotics frequently, for H pylori bacteria in my stomach. After each course of antibiotics, I used to feel good for some time. Then again I start feeling too much of gas in stomach and heart burns. I checked on the internet for a natural antibiotic, and came across lots of CS sites. I bought a bottle of 5ppm CS from a health store and started taking one teaspoon three times a day. After about a week, all my symptoms of excessive gas in the stomach and heartburn is almost cured. I am happy, that CS has worked for me. Now I am taking daily.

Ajeeth C.
Toronto, Canada
Posted: 12/1/02

One of our feral cats was atacked by a coyote and as a result has lost a rather large portion of skin that covered part of his back and right leg. I found him days after the attack as being a feral he did not always show up.

The infection was rather widespread and was threatning to invade the healthy tissue. Most of the skin in the affected area was necrotic.

As he was very feverish and weak he was easy to catch and contain. I then tried to clean the affected area, and the more I cleaned the more damage I found. Most of his skin on his right leg as well as a large patch across his back and right hip as sloughing off.

I washed him as best as I could and then used the colloidal silver water. Four times a day I remeove him from his crate, and literally soaked him in a pan of colloidal water. As the area was extensive there was no way to banadage him so it was just a case of soaking him in the water then putting him on a towel to dry off. Everytime I soaked him more and more skin fell away. At one point I thought he would succumb to his injuries, as he had completely stopped eating and I had to bolster him with Vitamin B12 to trigger some sort of appetite. After a week of soaking in the water, his fever dropped off, and I started to see the growth of new skin on the outlyng edges. After three weeks the skin had completely healed, and he was begining to grow new hair. Today there are no tell tale signs of the attack.

As I rescue abused and abandoned animals, I most certainly would not be without my CS. On more than one occasion it has proven itself time and time again to be the best course of treatment, and people are amazed from the results.

Last year one of my Miniature Pinschers got out of her pen, and as a result got onto the road and was struck by a car. The resulting impact resulted in the loss of her back leg, and a good portion of skin that simply died off. To give you an idea, I was using a 12 inch square compression bandage, and it just barely covered the damaged area. Within three weeks, I was down to a Band-Aid. Even the vets were amazed that she had healed so well and so quickly. . The hair never grew back but the skin is as healthy as you will ever get.

As my Min Pins are all fed naturally, and are treated holistically, it as no shock to me, and I certainly will never be without my CS. There is no way on this earth that you can ever convince me that it does not work. Animals will always be the best subjects when it comes to alternative therapies as they can never lie about the results. Also my husband is a welder, so I find the CS is very good for flash burns, as well as burns from the welding rods

Lynn Avery
Langley, BC, Canada
Posted 8/03

Attached are latest photos (pdf) of my ailment fading away, thanks to homemade CS. I had this for several weeks, this slowly got worse over time and was not getting better, despite my efforts with topical ointments. CS is most likely not a cure, but it is close enough for me for now. I hear there is no cure for these types of rashes (eczema, urticaria, cellulititus, ringworm, etc.); only temporary relief, which I now have thanks to CS. I even had a small amount of folliculitis going on in my hair, which is also now gone. I am 60 years old and looking forward to bateria free living with CS

Joe S.
Morton, IL
Posted: 11/1/05

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