Colloidal Silver Facts

Evidence Against the use of Colloidal Silver

Research refuting the efficacy of colloidal silver

Dr. Stephen Barrett's "Quackwatch" Dr. Barrett is probably the most vocal opponents speaking out against the use of colloidal silver "preparations". He should not be viewed as "the enemy" by producing and users of colloidal silver. Rather, I think we can gain valuable knowledge about the nature of, and validity of the arguments presented. He raises important points and should be read by by everyone. His arguments about the lack of standards in some commercially prepared CS, along with the outrageous cost, helped me decide prepare my own.

The National Council Against Health Fraud Another Barrett website. According to Dr. Barrett, the NCAHF isa private nonprofit, voluntary health agency that focuses upon what they believe to be health misinformation, fraud, and quackery as public health problems.

Read the Busting Quackwatch - Bolen Report. Opinion pieces by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen about health care issues in North America

Tim Bolen's Quackpot Watch

Silver - The Dark Side of a New Health Craze - Rebuttal by Marshall Dudley The original article by Jonathan Campbell contained so many inaccuracies, false statements and misinformation that Silver-Colloids.Com asked Mr. Marshall Dudley, a recognized researcher in the field of colloidal silver to prepare the rebuttal.

Testimonies against using colloidal silver

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