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Thanks to Bill and Denise Fernald, at Utopia Silver for the following testimonials.

Stories by real people of their colloidal silver "miracles"

Colloidal silver is a suspension of pure silver in water. It is used as a mineral supplement to augment the body's immune system. Here are some first-hand testimonials by real people of cures and relief from many diseases. Please keep in mind, these are their stories. They are not claims we are making. The FDA has not approved or reviewed this material.

How Colloidal Silver Cured My Chronic Bladder Infection

I have had recurring bladder infections requiring antibiotics for over 20 years. Usually the infection flares up when summer comes and I work outside in the heat. I get a little dehydrated and by evening I have the familiar burning sensation. I have tried the cranberry juice and cranberry pills and  finally give in and go to the doctor for antibiotics to cure the pain. The infection seemed to be low-grade, all the time. When I traveled by car, not drinking enough liquids, and not stopping enough, the bladder infection would flare up again. I finally found a solution! Colloidal Silver. Since I began taking Colloidal Silver I have had no bladder infection. I drove six hours one day and six hours back the next day (usually a sure case of infection) and had no problem at all.  I have worked outside riding the lawnmower for five hours in the heat (another sure way for a flare up of infection) and no sign of infection, or burning sensation at all.


How I avoided my usual seasonal sinus/bronchitis infection

We live in a grove of Live Oak trees and every spring, they do their pollen thing and I first get an allergic thing and then it goes to my sinuses and then to my bronchial tubes and I get sick for weeks and some times I have to go get antibiotics and sometimes even that doesn't work and green crud comes out for a long time and I cough all night . Well this year(1999), when I first felt a little something in my throat, I started putting colloidal silver down my throat, about a dropper or 2. and in an hour or so, it was gone. It felt that way in a couple hours again and I hit it again with the colloidal silver and it went away. That was a couple of weeks ago and now the pollen season is over and I can rest easy. Thank God for colloidal silver.


I just recently tried colloidal silver for the first time. I have severe sinus infections. Nothing has worked before -- I've tried every kind of over the counter sinus medication I could find. But after reading about colloidal silver, I tried a few drops in my nose, and low and behold, within 15 minutes the headache was gone! I couldn't believe it! It continued to work for several weeks and I noticed to my surprise that all the sensitivity in my teeth was also gone! But last week, I started getting a headache, and the colloidal silver didn't work; I realized the infection was much deeper and the drops couldn't get to it so I started taking it internally. It took a few hours to work this time, but it worked! Thank God -- I've finally found some relief from that terrible pain!

R. M. Higgins

Our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after a lengthy and baffling illness. She was put on oral antibiotics for several years with fairly good results (they knocked the symptoms down from 40 to 4 ) but, as soon as she got off of the antibiotics, all the symptoms would return. We heard about Colloidal Silver through a newsletter we subscribed to and decided to give it a try. Within 4 weeks there was a tremendous improvement and not long after that, all symptoms were gone! This was almost 3 years ago, she has just turned 14 and remains symptom free.

Submitted by Erin ( on Sunday, April 26, 1998:

After a year of treatment with antibiotics for Lyme Disease, my doctor recommended the use of colloidal silver. Daily dosages of colloidal silver over a six month period lessened the Lyme symptoms greatly.

Edward W. Robinson

I cannot say enough about what colloidal silver has done for my family.  At first I was very skeptical, thinking it was "snake oil", as I have heard it described on the web.  My mom was very ill and had been for years with advanced emphysema and had been in and out of hospitals for years.  Since Thanksgiving, 1998, she was on her way home and finally left for home on April 17, 1999.  However, the time she was here with us my dad and I administered colloidal silver both topically and then orally for a short time.  But what really sold us on the effectiveness of it was when we used it topically on an open sore she had on her arm 

Early this year, she was sent home from the hospital too early because to the now-famous insurance practicing medicine (my own opinion).  As a result, she fell out of her bed at home and sliced her upper arm very deeply.  She had been on prednisone for years and as a side effect of that drug, her skin was as thin as tissue paper. The emergency room doctors sutured her arm as best they could, but there was a place a little bigger than a silver dollar that was torn and they could do nothing about it, except to keep it bandaged.  She had a home health nurse that came in daily and changed her bandage while applying Neosporin.  After 3 weeks of this, the wound was no better.  This was the time I discovered colloidal silver.  My dad is also a skeptic, so I printed out everything on the web I could find and took it to him.  He thought we should use it for her.  I, of course, just happened to have a bottle in the car.  I came on Friday - Sunday to care for mom while my dad worked.  The next Monday, when the nurse came to change her bandage, my dad asked if he could use the colloidal silver rather than the Neosporin.  She couldn't officially authorize it, but said at this point he could try whatever he thought might help her.  He poured the silver on like you might use peroxide, and then soaked her bandage with it.  Within two administrations of this type, she had new skin.  When I arrived the following Friday, the bandage had been removed and a transparent bandage had been put on it with the new skin showing through.  We were so shocked!  I can't tell you the hope it gave us.  We began using it on more of her sores, which also immediately cleared up.  She went into the hospital for the last time, because of the advanced stages of her illness and never came home again. 

We told the doctors about what had happened with the colloidal silver but they "poo-pooed" it and went on giving her their expensive antibiotic treatments, which never helped her.  But we saw with our own eyes what it did for her.  I believe if we had known about colloidal silver sooner, it could have made a drastic difference in her health in many ways. We still stand amazed.

Edye Baldridge
Fort Worth, TX

My husband is a custom compounder and pharmacist and we have been sharing the colloidal silver story with our patients and they are having positive results. One man had a sore throat and cough for 8 months and the silver cleared it up in 8 days.

Pat Pedersen-Harlan
Date: 06 Jul 1999

I`ve been wearing the silver shield ever since ``Spirit`` led me to making Colloidal Silver. I`ve used this wonderful product on from viral pneumonia to ear and eye infection (conjunctivitis)to detoxification of the colon. But the story I want to relate might differ from the usual testimonial.

I have this beautiful cocker spaniel bitch that does everything but talk.  Needless to say the whole family loves her.  This spring while she had her batch of pups she contracted Parvo.  When I got home she was well into her symptoms which included dehydration and swelling of the throat and she was shaking terribly from shock.  I took a turkey baster and I put about 2 oz. of colloidal silver down her throat, past the swelling. After about a half hour she was able to drink another four ounces with some water by herself. The next morning she was visibly better. After giving her another 2 oz she went to feed her pups. Right away I knew that she would be giving them her acquired immunity to the dis-ease. By 10:00AM she was able to accompany me on her walk. Within a couple of days she showed no signs of the illness at all. For the price of a few batteries, distilled water and some pure silver I`m able to offer me and my people real protection during the coming earth changes. When you get a chance check it out on sunburns to. Thanks to all those people who have fought Goliath to bring us this wonderful gift.

Denis Gervais

How I was relieved Dandruff

I Had dandruff as long as I can remember and have used "Head and Shoulders" for at least 25 years. One morning a few weeks ago, I ran out of shampoo and started using my wife's un-medicated kind. I keep a bottle of colloidal silver on my bathroom counter to take a swig from each morning. It has a spray cap on it so I can use it as deodorant (works great!). I sprayed it on my hair and let it dry. I noticed the next day, my hair was nice and soft. I did it the next day and used the un-medicated shampoo again. Now, I use it every day and have soft hair and no itchy scalp or dandruff. What a blessing! Try it. It may work for you.


Dear Bill and Denise Fernald:

I am very grateful for finding out about the good effect of colloidal silver from your web site! I have had chronic sinus disease for over 15 years which was treated by conventional doctors with antihistamines, steroid sprays, antibiotics for the frequent infections, and surgery to remove polyps when the antibiotics no longer worked. A few years ago a nutritionist taught me that cow's milk was a major cause of the inflammation and mucus causing sinus headaches. Changing this, and other things in my diet helped a lot!

However, I was still affected by allergens and after having a cold or flu I usually came away with a sinus infection that was increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Most recently I had tried a course of treatment with a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist--which helped some until getting a slight cold which sent me back to square one.

Then, while searching the web, I happened upon your site, and now feel I have found the means to be and stay well from now on! When I received my first bottle of your colloidal silver, I was suffering from severe headaches from the infection, combined with the unusually high pollen this spring. I drank two teaspoons and dripped two droppers-full into my nose before sleeping, and woke up for the first time in weeks with no headache or face pain!!! I continued to feel better over the next days, and resolved to try it for the six to eight weeks suggested for a chronic condition--both orally and in my nostrils morning and night.

As I improved I told other friends who also found benefits from your colloidal silver, and decided to buy your generator package. I make my own solution now, which has a good effect on my complexion, helped a burn on my finger heal very fast with almost no scar, and cleared up a friend's poison ivy in less than a week! (Our interjection: In my experience, poison ivy goes away in a week or so. No miracle here) Though I had a temporary setback during a very high pollen week, and needed to increase my dosage to three tablespoons a day (due to the weaker strength of my homemade solution), I persevered with the help of decongestants. Am I glad I did! This week was just under three months oftaking silver, and I have no sign of infection, and have regained my long lost sense of smell !!! I cannot thank you enough for being there!!!

Thank you, too, for being there on the other end of the telephone to answer my frequent questions about dosages and how to properly make the colloidal silver. I hope your company prospers to your benefit and the benefit of so many people! Again, thank you for your careful research about colloidal silver, and for providing a product and services that are so useful to people!!


Marion Fennell

Here is a really unusual and complex testimony, so read carefully.

I am 54 years old and have had chronic Bronchial Asthma since childhood. When I was 8 years old, the allergist told my mother (God rest her soul), "He (me) is allergic to cats and cigarette smoke. If you don't stop smoking and get rid of the cat, he will develop Bronchial Asthma. Guess what? She didn't and I did.

Here I was, 46 years later coughing up tons of phlegm every morning and  barely able to breathe. I had to use asthma spray constantly (both prescription and over the counter). On the label it says not to use it if you have any prostate problems or incontinence. After many years of use, the spray caused night incontinence. I had a choice, either breathe or do laundry every morning. Since I am alive to write this, you guessed it, I do a lot of laundry. This was a quandary.

THANK GOD!! along came colloidal silver! I started using it regularly and at any sign of congestion and soon was using less and less asthma spray and less and less laundry soap - a double savings. I know this story sounds far fetched and I do not know why or how it works, but I would not be without colloidal silver.


Note: Almost 1 billion dollars worth of asthma and other spray decongestants are sold every year.

Dear Bill, 

Just got the newsletter & would like to share some of my own seemingly "miraculous" results with colloidal silver. Being a nurse for 23 years, I've witnessed, first hand, the abuses of antibiotics to treat viral infections. As we all know now, super bacteria resistant to all antibiotics have developed and threaten us due to overuse of antibiotics. Anyway, I am one of those people who cannot tolerate the effects of antibiotics. I develop serious gastrointestinal distress, so finding colloidal silver has been a gift from God, as far as I am concerned. Just want to give you a few examples of how CS has helped me & my pets

I have stopped cold and flu symptoms countless times, never developing a full-blown infection. My small wire-haired terrier developed malaise late one evening. Upon examination, I noticed her left hind quarter was swollen and hot to touch but could not see any visible problem. I presumed she had been bitten by either a black widow or brown recluse spider. I put CS into her water bowl and gave her some by mouth with the intention of calling the vet in the morning. When we awoke, she was acting her old self and running and jumping around the house. I examined her hind quarter again. This time I found a very large hole where an abscess had ruptured during the night. I kept her on colloidal silver in her water bowl for one week while using CS to clean the abscess. In one week, the decavitation was completely healed.

I live in a very remote area and developed a very bad eye infection (conjunctivitis). I started putting CS drops into the affected eye 3 times a day. In 3 days the infection was healed. If I had seen a physician, it would have taken 7-10 days for the Garamycin ophthalmic ointment to treat an infection of this magnitude; not counting the money it would have cost me in doctor fees and medication costs.

I have also used CS to stop bladder infections with results in 24 hours or less. Have used CS to treat ear infection in my German Shepherd after traditional medications for ear mites was ineffective.

I know this is very long but I cannot sing the praises of colloidal silver enough. I have been able to help my neighbors, too. They come to me asking for some CS when they start feeling bad.

Bill, thank you for a wonderful product. My hope is that one day people will know about the amazing effects of CS, use it regularly and reduce the profits of these HUGE drug companies, whose products sometimes cause more problems due to side effects of harmful chemicals! Would also like to see doctors educate patients about viral infections instead of writing prescriptions for antibiotics that are useless in treating them. Doubt I will live long enough to see THAT happen! Hope my experiences with CS will be useful to you. Edit as you see fit if you use this. May God bless you.

Angie Richter

Bill Fernald,

Thank you for your note sharing about your almost bout with the old flu bug. It came just in time for me to gain from your wisdom. You see, I had gotten up that morning with this "yuk" feeling and a scratchy throat. I'd been surrounded by the flu bug but as yet hadn't gotten it, and thanks to God and the wisdom he's given you....I still don't have it! I started taking the hourly dose, sprayed my throat hourly and put drops in my nose. Well, I'm delighted to say that I'm absolutely fine. No signs of that nasty feeling nor the sore throat. Colloidal Silver works and I'm so thankful! Blessings to you Bill, keep up the good work!

Sandra Duckwitz 
Poughkeepsie, NY


My husband has lots of health problems 7 strokes 2 heart attacks open heart surgery has a history of allergies . He always coughs so hard in the mornings & now there is almost no coughing. The coughing has been from way back Heart problems have been the last 10 yrs. If the colloidal silver does nothing else, it is just wonderful for what it has done for my husband. I`m coping much better since taking it, too.

Thanks, Gotta go, Evelyn

Editor's note: We do not say that colloidal silver cures cancer. However, we have heard so many tremendous testimonials like the one below that we are compelled to share them here. It is our opinion that colloidal silver does kill some cancer causing agents, but it also kills bacteria and viruses which drag down the body's immune system. This allows the body's natural immune system to fight cancer more effectively. As we get more testimonials in writing, we will share them here.

I saw a young man two years ago the first of December take colloidal silver along with MSM and in the third week his blood tested free of cancer. His unfortunate action was that he stopped taking the silver then. In a few weeks the cancer came back and he didn't like to take "alternate remedies" so he took no more of the silver. He tried to get a bone marrow transplant, but due to his cancer presence he could not get that. In a few months he appeared in the obituaries. He would have been fine if he would have taken the silver for another two months on a reduced schedule. He left a lovely wife and two cute girls for his widow to raise. Why he saw it that way is anyone's guess.

Lloyd F. Bazant

I have been taking Colloidal Silver for almost a month and find that it seems to have an age reversing quality! Age spots are fading, skin is firmer, memory clearer and a lot more energy! This is really incredible as I am 60 and 1/2 years old, feeling and looking (friends are commenting) younger! This is happening for my 54 year friend, also! She is swimming a mile everyday, now (used to be a 1/2 mile!) Have you had any other responses similar to mine?


I had been trying for about a week to cure a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) on my own with lots of cranberry juice and water. The morning that I woke up with severe back pain I decided it was time to go to the doctor. I went to see Dr. Shiva in San Antonio where he did a urinalysis and said that I didn't have any infection. He then had me do various range of motion exercises to determine my back injury which had my back screaming in pain. He took X-rays and said that I had Muscle Spasms in my back. He gave me a pain shot, and prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain pills. $198.00 later I was home, drugged up and in severe pain. This was on a Friday.

On Monday, still in pain, still experiencing worsening UTI symptoms, I went to see Dr. Harry Hernandez in San Antonio. He tested me and found a severe UTI. He gave me the generic drug which he said worked about 75% of the time and was about $100.00 cheaper. He told me to come back in 10 days and he would retest me, free of charge. I went back 10 days later and still had traces of infection. He gave me 4 pills of the name brand drug, but I still had to buy 4 more, through a prescription, they were $10.00 each, but he said that this one would knock it out for sure. Relieved that I didn't have to worry about that anymore, me and my husband took off to Mississippi to visit relatives. About four days into our trip I was horrified to start feeling the symptoms reappear.

I had a bottle of Utopia Silver that my sister had given me which I had been using as a topical agent only, I had been leery of taking it orally, but at this point I was getting desperate. I took one capful and another capful that night. The next morning I didn't notice any more symptoms. I now take one capful a day and am leaving on another trip in the morning. I feel much safer knowing that I have my Utopia Silver with me.

Tina Gullick 
San Antonio, Texas

Dear Bill and Denise

My name is Colleen Jones, and I live in the small gold mining town of Norseman in Western Australia. I have lived here for nearly 10 years now. My husband and I came out from New Zealand to Western Australia in 1986. I am quite excited to find out about such a wonderful product the silver colloidal has proved to be for so many people. Like yourself Denise, I have suffered for 18 years from recurrent bladder infections, and I am so sick of having to rely on antibiotics time and time again. Having found no relief from any other natural remedies, I am so relieved at last to have stumbled across such a wonderful product. And to think it has been there all this time, I wonder why it took so long to come across it. My older sister actually put me onto it, when she posted me a bottle only about 3 weeks ago. Her boyfriend was seriously burned as a child and the Dr's used the colloidal silver to treat him, and with great success. I have also been using cortisone cream on my hands for quite some time, but after taking colloidal silver 3 times a day for only a week my skin is healing up remarkably. Needless to say it must be killing off the candida albicans.

Colleen Jones

I am glad to have found your site on the web. I had been searching for information in Spanish, but have had no luck. My husband heard of colloidal silver from a family member and was amazed by this wonder mineral and all it can do for us. We have been making our own using a generator and 3 9 volt batteries. We all take our daily dose including our daughters ages 8 and 4. We have not had any colds or flues since taking the silver about 8 months ago and my husband has not had his allergies this season. My 8 year old had asthma and has not used her inhaler for months now! We feel great and want to share this discovery with all our loved ones. My mother was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis so I urged her to start drinking the silver. She just started on it two days ago and wants to start making her own so she can keep taking it. She is hispanic and I would appreciate it if you can inform me of any books or info on the web that she can read in Spanish. I have explained how colloidal silver works and all the benefits it offers, but she insists on having something in Spanish to tell other people of this correctly. Please let me know if you come up with any information in Spanish. Thank you for all of your information you provided on your website!

Mrs. A Knight 
Tucson AZ

Our son (now 6) had had chronic sinus infections (at least every 6 weeks) when he was 3 years old, we gave in and had the sinus surgery done. Well...the infections continued to crop up on a regular basis. About 18 months ago, we discovered colloidal silver!! We have been spraying it up his nose every day or 2 and this child has been free from sinus infections. 
He is used to the routine and knows that it is the "silver" that keeps him free from that horrible pain. It also cleared up the many clusters of warts on his fingers as a bonus. We thank the Lord for the wonderful, natural alternatives He has provided!

Catherine in East Tennessee

Dear Bill,

I thought that I would give to you my testimonial about colloidal gold. About a day or two after starting to take colloidal gold, I seemed to have better focus at work. Now, after taking it for about 10 days, it is clear as a bell that I have much more patience and I get much less frustrated with things that happen in my family. In particular, my 7 year old daughter used to bug the daylights out of me now and then, but now no more. I am much more patient with her, and I seem to be much better with social skills and affection than I used to be. It is very subtle. Also, I swear, but it seems like my IQ has increased. I work in a very technical and abstract job, and now I can actually understand my co-workers when they yammer on about this database and that table and this code and that function and all of those kinds of database programming matters.


Roger Birdsong

I suffered for years with horrible nausea that came along with vomiting. Going to my HMO they had no answers for me. Once it got so bad I couldn't hold food down. Family members thought I was bulimic. Until a co-worker told me about Colloidal Silver.  I had been through a terrible bout of vomiting and came back to work when he put a few drops in my mouth.  Since then I do not vomit like I did.I came online today to check into my sinus infection I have and found it's uses for that, amazing!


Our son has Crohn's The only thing that let him live a normal life was a steroid.  You can't stay on them forever.  He ended up with Pancreatitis from them,  They then put him on asacol and imordal . They helped some.  Someone suggested he try colloidal silver.  In less than a month he was off all medicines.  He takes the silver 2 to 3 times a day and it controls the  pains. He now lives a normal life.  If the pains start up he just takes an extra dose of silver.  His Dr. sees him every 6 months.  He has been on the silver 7 months.  It also has helped us with colds and sore throats.  I also know of a young girl in her 20's that has endometriosis and finds the silver helps with the pain.





Thank you Bill , My husband coughed so hard for so many years nothing the drs. did seemed to help.  He has had 2 heart attacks 9 strokes  At the last check up, the Dr said he would not change a thing he's on less meds & lesser strength since taking the silver   We have 2 sons & a daughter taking it   We thank you 



Received the box of my colloidal silver generator last week.  Thanks for getting it so quickly sent. I have a question for you.  I have a herb shop in Johnson City, do you sell wholesale so I could possibly put a couple of generators at my store for sale?  It is my new favorite herb thing. 

I have a testimony story.  I started to get a cedar fever type sore throat in the middle of the night.  It was one of those cant swallow it feels like a razor in there.  Dry, no runny nose, had been taking garlic and other allergy herbs which may have kept it from getting really bad but didn't fix it.  I got my generator the night before and went to the kitchen to try my newly made colloidal silver for the first time.  Within 1 hour I got a sharp pain in the lymph nodes under my chin (which were also swollen) which started me coughing.  Lots of phlegm started to break loose, now this was a dry sore throat to start with.  30 minutes later my sore throat was completely gone. 

Thanks a lot,

Leila North
Boot Hill Herbs


I want to let you know what it has done to me. I am new with it, I have used only two bottles so far. I had a wart in my left hand but after probably 30 days of having applied the solution to it, the wart just fell off -or I scraped it off. Second. My teeth are very uneven and hardly a day go by that I don't bite my cheeks to raw flesh. Often the next morning, after holding colloidal solution a minute or two in my mouth in the evening, they are completely healed. Before  I seldom had  my mouth without any biting. To me it is close to a miracle.

Hello, I saw all the different testimonies about colloidal silver and I had to write and tell everyone about mine. About two and a half years ago I discovered a lump on my left testicle and got nervous thinking that it was cancer so I went to the doctor and got it checked out and he said it was a cyst and not to worry about it (I had an ultrasound done and it confirmed that it wasn't cancer) he said if it starts to hurt or if there is any change to come back. Well it started to hurt one day and it started to get really bad. For three months I went from one doctor to the next and they had no answers for me. They gave me prescriptions for pain pills, and for any man who's been kicked in the groin they know how I felt because it felt like that always.

I started going to a pain clinic and missed much work (my job required much physical work and ten hours of standing working on an assembly line). One doctor even had the bright idea of putting a needle in my testicle and giving me a shot of cortizone. That was not a pleasant ordeal and I had several cortizone shots in the base of my spine which also sucked royally (the doctors didn't care though I had good insurance and they were making lots of money off of me) (not to mention turning me into an addict with all the pain pills).

Anyways to make a long painful story short, I discovered colloidal silver and within hours i noticed relief and the next morning I was pain free for the first time in 8 months. I told my doctor who is the chief urologist at a major university hospital and he was amazed at how this simple natural product had helped me so much. I told him to tell all of his patients about it and I hope he has because it saved my life. Now I should give credit where credit is due because if I hadn't quit drinking alcohol and quit taking pain pills and doing drugs and prayed to God I probably never would have found this miracle that surely saved my life.

Yes, I thank God almighty for giving me this wonderful natural remedy and I tell everyone to take it for just about any ailment that they have.

Thank you and God bless everyone

Mike in MN.

For 5 years in a row, I would get a sinus infection in September, from my allergies.  Three years ago, I went to the Health food store to see if I could get something for a sinus infection I had.   It always would turn into bronchitis before it was done.   The lady at the store suggested I try the colloidal silver. BOY...AM I GLAD TOO... I put 2 drops in each nostril and by the middle of the next day, my sinus infection was cleared up.  I love this amazing product.   After reading the many things it was good for, I also put drops in my daughter's ear, when she came down with an ear ache.  Usually it takes 3 to 4 days of medication for her to get over an ear ache, and with the silver, her ear ache was gone the next morning. 

I am NEVER...without this in my home.   The kind I have, came in an eye dropper bottle and was a brown color.  If I feel a cold or fever coming on, I put 2 drops under my tongue, and it always does the trick.  We have not had the
flu, sinus infections, sore throats, or any of the many cold related illnesses since we have had the Colloidal Silver.  I would recommend this to ANYONE.......and I can honestly say......I BELIEVE IN THIS PRODUCT WITH ALL MY HEART.  

I am 53 years old, and I also give it to my 16 year old daughter and my 12 year old son.  This should be advertised on TV... The way that I found your site on the internet was 2 nights ago, my daughter had a toothache.  She woke up at 3 a.m. and I got on the computer and typed in the word took me to another site and I chose  Toothache Remedies and the first site I came to was COLLOIDAL SILVER...I had to laugh  for not thinking of this myself.  My daughter rubbed some on her gums, where the toothache was and by morning, she was able to go to school.  She said it didn't hurt anymore.  We did make a dentist appointment, but it sure helped in the meantime. Thanks and hope more people use this...

Sincerely, Diana Bowers


Three years ago I went to see my doctor because I believed I must have chronic fatigue syndrome. I had only three or four good hours of energy everyday & then I had to go to bed again. It seemed as if I lived my life in bed with my illness. I was an invalid. The blood tests for my liver enzymes revealed the hepatitis C. The doctor told me this is the incurable form of hepatitis. I was crushed by that information, but what was just as bad was the heartless and demeaning way that he told me; so unfeeling and cold, with the attitude that somehow I was to blame for this.

I was shocked and disgusted with his questions. He asked many of them the way it would be in confession and he was the priest. Apparently there is the attitude about this disease that " you deserve it, you probably brought it on yourself." Yes, I do admit my alcohol consumption was overboard for many years. I also know the disease can be gotten many other ways. It was virtually unknown until the 1970's so blood transfusions often were infected. They called it "nonspecific hepatitis" before the 1970's.

Whatever the form of contact, it should not be the business of my doctor to moralize or judge my imagined sins or me. I was so angry with him for the things he told the booklet and me he handed to me. It was a pamphlet with skull and crossbones on the cover, and it was like a formal death sentence he was handing me. He said that I should wait until I'm in the advanced stages of the disease before I should seek the interferon treatment, and it will probably make me feel sicker than the disease itself. My whole world collapsed in on me; that was the darkest day of my whole life of forty-three years.

Then came the blessing. I must have had some good karma stored up, because it came my way in the form of my dear husband. He could not bear to see me so tortured by this any longer and he said, "don't worry, I'll get you through this." I guess it was about a week later when he told me he remembered an article he'd read 20 years ago, in one of those popular mechanics - The subject was colloidal silver. He said the details were foggy, but he knew he was onto something so he researched it on the Internet - a month later I was making up batches of C.S. for my cure. I decided it was time to take control of my health and my destiny. Everything was in the balance. I did go overboard taking the C.S. three times a day for 3 months and once a day thereafter, and I took twice as much as is recommended, but I was fighting mad and determined to stick with it. Those doctors put me up to a challenge and I was ready to fight the "good fight."

I did experience the commonly known "healing crisis" for about a week, when I was very tired, but not sickish. The C.S. was killing off a tremendous amount of toxins in my liver and that took extra energy on my part, so I was eating extra healthy food at that time.

I don't know if I was cured in the first three days or if I was cured in the first three months, because my first liver enzyme test was six months after I began the C.S. I was absolutely sure that I was cured. My energy was over the top & I could stay awake 16 hours a day & I began living life happy & free. Sure enough my complete liver panel came back negative for any traces of hep C. This blood panel has been negative now for 3 years, it's as if I never had hep c, but I did and I suffered long enough with it.

This is more - a lot more than a success story about my health - It is a spiritual healing too. This experience has given me a true purpose in life. I'm not a religious person, but I am deeply spiritual - I know his has got to be way I found out my purpose in life is to help others with hepatitis - C by giving them encouragement and hope. It is only fair to share this good news with those who still suffer. The social and medical stigma attached to hep c is caused from pure ignorance and fear. Let's all overcome that unfortunate attitude and lean on each other to get through - Knowledge is power and the shroud of misinformation can be lifted if we all take control of our own destinies.

My first opportunity to reach out to others came to me when my uncle called me. He said, "I have a friend who has hepatitis C. Would you be willing to talk to him on the phone about your experience?" That was the beginning of my "calling in life"- I simply told him about my success with C.S. and he decided to get a generator to make his own. But he didn't really do much at first, because he was always sick in bed, so I started sending him the C.S. in the hopes that he would in short order, get out of bed & have the energy to help himself. This was three months ago and today he is feeling good everyday. The first week after he was taking C.S. he jumped out of bed and went to buy a bicycle. He's been riding five miles a day, and still does a full-time job - This is the best part of all. Just knowing that by simply telling him about my cure, he was able to come to the conclusion that C.S. was his hope for a new life too.

I'm sooooo glad I didn't buy-into the stigma attached to this illness. I'm fortunate enough to have the energy and good-health to go help others who still suffer, and for this I am MOST grateful.

With Much Gratitude,


I just found your sight and I want to ad a testimonial of my own. I would like to shout from the mountain tops. I was walking with a cane, and numb on my right side. I was about to go on disability, because I couldn't work anymore due to the course of my MS
After drinking colloidal silver 16 oz. per day for 12 weeks, my MS symptoms began to vastly improve. Today I work up to 10 hrs per day, I walk with no problem, and the numbness is almost gone. I have come back about 80% from when I started drinking Colloidal silver water. Anyone with MS, get started drinking NOW. Thanks for the space to spread my message.

Sincerely, Nancy DeLise

Dear Bill,

Thank you for shipping my latest case of colloidal silver promptly.  As a Hidradenitis
suffer for over thirty years, I can attest to the excellent results that I received over the past several months.  After repeated surgeries, prolonged antibiotic therapy; accutane and vaccine therapy, colloidal silver had done what nothing else has, namely controlled this incurable disease.  The infections are gone, and so is the pain.  It's nice to feel well again!!!!!!  I highly recommend your product.

Best regards to all of you.

Paul (Please withhold my last name)

PS--You will probably get thousands of orders from this testimonial.  There are 10's of thousands of people like me.

Dear Bill

A few days ago, a dear friend of ours submitted an order for some silver wire for replacement of our electrodes ,and she { Portia Battista, Also living here in Vegas } Related to you my  apparent success , at least at this point of being free of the virus causing acne rosecea. First , let me state that I had emailed you over a year ago telling you how skeptical I was over what some related to me  what was a " snake oil treatment " for shingles, and how I agreed to try your colloidal silver  for no other reason than to prove to my wife that this would just be another useless  " tonic " like some of the other  remedies suggested by well meaning friends. So I did take internally and topical the silver and not only did I discover my shingles disappeared but also the horrible congestion in my throat which caused me to nearly constantly  clear my throat. You had asked me at that time if you could use that as a testimonial to which I did not respond, sorry.

But now Bill, I must respond because at this date, March 24 th of the year 2001, I have been off of tetracycline for 84 days. . Please let me explain. I am not writing this to  help make someone in this col. silver business more sales. If it does that, that is o.k. too, but the real reason I am  telling you this is that it can help others like me to get away from this horrible
malady. And if anyone does not think that acne rosacea is not a  horribly disfiguring, embarrassing disease to be afflicted with, just bring it up on the web. and observe the disfigurement  it can cause. I  was diagnosed in 1973 as having Lupus Erythematosus and treated by a Dr. in WA. for a time and then unable to arrest the problem of swollen nose with pustules all over it, I tried treating it topically with hydrogen peroxide,  antibiotic jells, etc.

Then I was referred to a dermatologist in Olympia WA who said that tests showed that it was acne rosacea and not lupus and the real treatment was to take tetracycline the rest of my life or until such time that some other treatment was discovered. That was 27 years ago and I have been on that antibiotic for all that time except for the periodic trial of not taking it in the hopes that It might have gone away. Always, after about 4 days my nose and face would swell, become very red and break out with pustules again, so back to the meds. and only after a week or so even doubling up on the antibiotic some days would my nose become anywhere near normal.

Well to shorten the story, in order to have my arrhythmia meds and tetracycline prescriptions renewed {I had enrolled in a HMO plan and had to change DR`s. ] and after being examined by him he said I had atrial fib. and the arrhythmia med was not necessary that I must go on coumaden and so when going off the arrhythmia med I thought I might just as well give the going off of tetracycline another try, which I did and it has now been 84 days and absolutely no sign  of my rosecea returning. I can only attribute this to the Colloidal silver which I must take on a frequent basis for the control of the junk in my throat so that I don't drive my wife nuts from constant throat clearing. I brought up the rosecea web site and wanted to tell them of this, but chose to wait longer to make sure I would not give someone false hopes.

The Rosacea society has sent me monthly bulletins and the bottom line has always been that there is no cure, only certain life styles to conform to, such as no caffeine, alcohol, spices, sunlight and on and on. I live in Vegas, plenty of sun, and all the other no no`s  which I now enjoy, and I only hope that silver could do the same for others if they could only give it an honest try.

It has been nice talking to you Bill and if there is anything I can do or say in this regard, please feel free to use all or any part of this email to help others, and if just one can gain relief from this I will consider it a blessing.

your friend, Robert Weaver

Robert Weaver Update: 4/12/01

Dear Bill!

I want to write you to let you know I now have been off of tetracycline for acne rosacea for 102 days and still no sign whatsoever of the thing returning and am I ever elated. For 27 years, the first thing in the morning was to pop a capsule of tetracycline and now nothing. 

Robert Weaver Update: 7/11/01

Hi Bill! It is late, but wanted to take the time to give you an update on my acne rosecea. Today is 190 days without tetracycline and everything is fine. One of the people who responded to my testimonial was a gentleman who used to be the manager of research in the field of neurosurgery and he cannot understand the unacceptability of  alternate procedures in medicine like col.silver, and I agree. My sister in law called last night so elated that after 16 years of some sort of bowel syndrome causing diarrhea after every meal. She takes 1 ounce straight 2 times a day and now can go anyplace without the fear of eating and heading to a bath room. She has been on every kind of medicine in those 16 years and now she is free of the problem. Of course time will tell if it is permanent or will she have to continue with the col. silver. You have my permission to add to my testimonial any part of this. So far I have rec about 27 inquires from those reading my original, and have had some nice conversations on the email. Here is the best to you and your wife.

Robert Weaver

I have been being treated for a persistent ongoing cellulitis in my right leg for the past 6 weeks. My leg was dark red and swollen 12 inches larger in diameter than my other leg. I have been taking 875 mg., Augmentin by mouth, two times daily, and have been getting a shot of rocefin (spelling?) daily from a home health care nurse. There has been NO improvement of my condition until the past week. During the past week I started drinking 16 oz., of the 10 ppm solution daily and all of the sudden the cellulitis has mysteriously started to disappear!!!! The red coloration is almost gone, and the swelling has started to come down. My home health nurse has suddenly taken a genuine interest in colloidal silver, and is reading everything she can on the subject! I did go thru a period of general malaise and flu like symptoms for about 24 hours, on the third day of taking the silver. I suspect this was from the silver killing off all of the parasites in my system. I also had quite a bout of diarrhea for about 12 hours, but yogurt and a couple of raw potatošs cleared that up right away. I would recommend anyone taking the silver in that dosage eat yogurt daily to keep a proper balance of good intestinal cultures. Just thought this might be of interest to you.

R.D. Graham

Hi Denise, Colloidal Silver works with HIV/AIDS

I haven't got my new web site up & running yet...I ended up getting more involved in it... & it got to be a bit more than my limited knowledge in HTML & web site building....but it is in the construction process.

I am including my friend's web site URL...he has done a great job with his...but he is also attending classes at UCF for web site building. I am trying to do mine with my limited web site building knowledge...without having to take college classes on it. Here's the URL for his web site:

Feel free to pass his URL on to others that may have questions about how Colloidal Silver works with HIV/AIDS & the horrible medications intended for this illness. Please understand that my friend & myself are adult gay men...but this should have no bearings when it comes to dealing with HIV/AIDS...Colloidal Silver....& much needed Medical information. Colloidal Silver has been a true blessing for he & myself. He & I went about using Colloidal Silver in different ways...he stayed on his hiv meds while taking silver..then gradually deleted hiv meds along the way, as you will see in his web site. I, on the other hand...stopped all my meds Feb. 2000 & went 6 months without hiv meds before starting on C.S...just got my blood work results back the other day which was done in Mar 2001....and everything came back much better than I had expected...& much better than they were a year ago!

I have a very close friend that is a Registered Nurse & she was amazed at my blood work...she said that most healthy people that she deals with doesn't have blood results as good as mine were...needless to say..this made me feel like I was on the right track with dealing with this HIV/AIDS thing...

Now my job is to get this information about Colloidal Silver out to as many as humanly possible...not only HIV/AIDS people....but to people with many other illnesses! But I can honestly say that I am enjoying doing what I am doing. There are a lot of people that have gotten on Colloidal Silver after they saw the change it made in me & my health & my life.

The HIV Meds were rapidly stealing my life away from me.....Colloidal Silver has given me back my life!!

People need to understand that HIV/AIDS was not killing was the intolerable toxic meds that was doing the killing....& even with the newer meds.....the meds are still killing people.....not the HIV/AIDS itself.  No one has ever died from the HIV/AIDS Virus!  But many many thousands have died from the toxic meds & other things like viral pneumonia.

In bringing this to a close...please feel free to contact me at any time & also feel free to give my e mail address  to anyone that may want to talk with me about my experience with Colloidal Silver.

Take Care
Keep up the good work
God Bless

Curtis R. Hale

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