Colloidal Silver Facts

Still More Testimonials!

I am 46 and tested positive for Hep C in December 2000. I feel I contracted the virus in the early 70's and was in the hospital twice for Hep. They called it non A-B Hep. I took 8 oz of colloidal silver twice daily along with 4 Thymuplex, two 60mg CoQ10, two milk thistle and two alpha lipoic acid. Four months later my HCV PCR by RNA test showed zero virus count.


This is my second testimonial.  Several months ago I told you about curing the bacterium Clostridium'dificile', which had caused a severe lengthy illness that could not be cured with any of several antibiotics, including Vancomyacin.  Then someone recommended trying colloidal silver, and it took care of the condition  in only 6 days.  At the same time it brought my liver enzymes down to normal - the elevated liver enzymes had undoubtedly  been caused by the bacterium.    (Since then I used it to nip a urinary tract infection in the bud ).

Recently I had a discussion  with a doctor who lives in my block during which he asked why he had not seen me for quite a long time after he moved in. I shared my story of the delibitating illness I'd had, and how I surprisingly had cured it.  His first reaction  was 'It could have killed you!"    And that Vancomyacin was the preferred medication.

The  doctor and his wife stopped by as I was working in the yard yesterday, and happened to mention that his sister-in-law had been out in the sun too much, and she was miserable because it was causing  an  awful herpes sore on her face.  He went on further to say this happens periodically because of a staph germ in her system.  I asked if he wanted to 'play' with my colloidal silver, I had just made a fresh batch.  So, he took it home with him.  This was yesterday afternoon.

Today, mid-morning, he and his wife drove by and stopped to talk.  They were both beaming and could hardly wait to tell me that  the treatment (applied every three hours in the manner of a  bandaid)  was working.    And the sister-in-law - a medical student -  was totally amazed  but she had to believe it since it was happening to her.

I can't wait for the next installment to see what he tries the CS on next. Since I got a doctor to 'believe', perhaps I can get my own kids (grown) to believe and use it.

Glenda Myers
Gig Harbor, WA

     Is the silver safe to take everyday????? [EDITORS NOTE: I have taken it daily for 3 years with the only side effect being perfect health!]

     I have noticed my hair is looking great,  had a place that lost my hair, the hair dresser told me this trip that had new hair growing.  My blood pressure is better than it's ever been. First summer that I haven't had a yeast infection and it cleared my kidney infection right out.  I have a sugar problem and it seems better.  Most of my boils have cleared up.  I am feeling much better.     Would like to find an outlet for product other than our local health food store,  maybe a wholesale dealership. Their getting $25.00 for a 2 oz. bottle  and $40.42 on a 4 oz. bottle.  Is this about right???

[EDITORS NOTE: Our products (Utopia Silver)are roughly 1/5 of these prices and we are here to answer your questions]

Nancy Stanley
    p.s. love the silver nuggets newsletter,  putting a file togeather add each one to the file.

I just wanted to share with everyone the benefits of colloidal silver in my life, especially since the older I get, the more I seem to suffer from allergies.  Not just the traditional seasonal allergies, but also allegeries to nickel, antibiotics and the pollution in the air!

My uncle in Tennessee, who happens to suffer (but not anymore since C.S.!) with Hepatitis C, was the one who "turned me onto" Colloidal Silver.  As I am a school bus driver, I am subjected to all kinds of pollution, which would get the sinusitis started, which promptly turned into Bronchitis and sometimes, went immediately into Pneumonia.  But my first clue that the sinusitis was just around the corner, was I would have trouble breathing--I just couldn't get that air down into my lungs!  It usually was 24 hours before I could get in to see my doctor, and by that time, I was really sick! And he would inform me that I had Asthmatic Bronchitis, so would start the regimen of Prednisone, Albuteral inhalers, sometimes the Nebulizer treatments and a injection of Decadron along with the antibiotics.  I'd have to say, that within 3 or 4 bouts of Asthmatic Bronchitis, now I was developing an allergic reaction to some of the more commonly prescribed antibiotics.  Not only did I now look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but now I was an itching, hive incrusted Rudolph who couldn't breath and wheezed her way into her doctors office!

In the fall of 2000, I was experiencing the "Rudolph" phase again, but this time it was pneumonia--but a mild form.  The prednisone wasn't working, so my friendly doctor "upped" the dosage to 20mg tabs, but the injection of Decadron wasn't working either.  By the time I got through the illness, I was one wiped out puppy.  Just as I was finishing my prescription regimen, it was my Tennessee uncle who suggested that I try the Colloidal Silver.  To make a long story short, I was so physically tired from fighting the illness that I had no energy to do the smallest of tasks---and I wasn't sleeping well either.  C.S. finished the job that the Rx's had started---I quit coughing, breathed better, slept better, worked my way (litterally) through 2 more bouts of Sinusitis WITHOUT making a visit to my doctor and without developing Asthmatic Bronchitis or Pneumonia!!!

End of story?  No, not yet.  Before I had a chance to re-order the silver guessed it, I was sick again.  My computer crashed and burned and my only alternative was to go and see my family doctor.  And you know what he prescribed...the usual regimen.  Getting down to the last day or two of the Prednisone, I hadn't been sleeping because of all the Albuteral and I was still wheezing.  But to make matters worse, when I would lay down, my heart would start pounding----I felt like I had just finished the Ironman Triathalon!  After 2 weeks of feeling like I had, and after an admission to the hospital, where they did all of the traditional testing for someone with heart problems (of which I was given the good news that my heart is indeed, a very healthy one!) I ordered my silver electrodes!!!!  Since then, it's been about 1 month and a half since all of these events, and I FEEL WONDERFUL!!!!!!  I will not do without my Silver again, EVER!!!!

I've also had a few other little things bother me, like an infected cyst, a fungus under my toenails and a little skin cancer on my arms and face that the Colloidal Silver seems to have under control.

There is nothing more frightening than not to be able to get a good deep breath of air into your lungs......except when you have to pay $110.00 for one Albuteral inhaler!  All I can say is, once you start the colloidal silver and you see that it works for you, and all of the prescription drugs aren't, - never be caught without it!!!!

Signed, A School Bus Driver whose an Ex-Rudolph, THANKS to Colloidal Silver!!!


Hi Bill, just wanted to tell you that I had had an ear infection from using old ear plugs to bed and couldn't get rid of it with anything Hydrocortisone, antibiotic cream , My ears would hurt to touch and itch and then i tried spraying my ear plugs with silver and it cured my ears in one treatment.  thank you for helping  me with all my silver questions.

God Bless you,


I happened to run into your website while looking for help for an infected tooth.  I purchased your kit for brewing my own cs and have been taking it, about two teaspoons per dose three times a day, for about three weeks,  plus spraying it up my nostrils 3 times a day.  My abcessed tooth is cured.  A chronic sinus infection that I have had for many years for  which I was taking nosespray chronically is gone and I can breathe easily again.  I had irritable bowl syndrome in which I would get diharrea almost every afternoon and could not leave my home is gone and I have normal, regular elimination again.  This has enabled me to get a job.  I was on prilosec for a hiatal (sp?) hernia with acid reflux disease which was costing me over $100 a month and I have been able to get off this expensive medication, and only have to take an antiacid occasionally, although I still have to watch what I eat. I have experienced a lot of new physical energy and vigor after clearing up these chronic problems and therefore began an exercise program, walking 45 minutes a day.  I have lost thirteen pounds in the last two weeks. and have gone from a size 12 to an 8.

Joan Goble in Salt Lake City

After one of my two German Shepherd puppies (6 months old) fell horribly ill and finding out that it was Parvo, I went on the internet to find a solution.

I read about colloidal silver and promptly purchased a bottle for around $30.00. I started giving the silver to my dog Roxy.  The other dog Jinx was already at the animal hospital on death's bed.    After the third day, Roxy was very ill and I still continued to give her the colloidal silver.  I thought she was going to die.  She wouldn't eat, drink, or stand up.  The next morning she was up and about and acted like nothing happened.  I took the colloidal silver to the vet's and asked them to give it to Jinx.  They wouldn't promise me they would, but Jinx recovered after 4 days of intensive care at the vets.  He had to receive I.V.'s and all.  I subsequently bought your generator and recommend it to everyone, for almost anything, and my family and I take it for everything.  I am a true believer.  I read that it was even used as a deodorant and sure enough it works.

Sincerely, Cathy Jinks

EDITORS NOTE: Indeed some regular doctors are believers!

Dear Bill,

We started one of our clinic patients on colloidal silver two months ago. He has hepatitis C with a very high virus count...over 3 million. After 2 months, it is down to 2.5 million.  I wish I knew how high Steve's count was before going on the CS. Will keep you posted.  In the meantime, if anyone has had good results treating either ALS or MS, please have them contact me.


Leslie Polland, M.D.

My Husband who has hepatitis c hardley ever got out of bed. Except for going to work which it takes everythings he has to get out of bed to go but he does. Then when he is at home all he wants to do is sleep, until three weeks ago when I ordered colidal silver and he began taken it three times a day within a week he started to get out of bed and not having to drag himself out of bed. and now on the weekends we spend time together instead of him sleeping and feeling sick all the time. It is amazing.

Thank you very much,

P.A in Alabama

Greetings from California -

I am just now reading the most recent articles on CS. I have been wondering why my hair is getting longer and thicker than is 'normal.' I do take a couple of drinks of this wonderful CS daily, but when I started to notice the difference in my hair, I didn't connect the two. An article about a writer's hair changing brought to mind that this is surely why my own hair is now doing so well. I find that amazing.

Oh yes, last week, all week, I had a watering eye. I kept doing 'pressure point,' which works wonders with many things, it didn't stop the watering eye. Last night I washed the eye with CS on a cotton ball. Today, all is well. I keep being in awe at the things Mother Nature has for us -  when we do just a little searching!

Marge, in Stockton

Interesting emails re HCV.  I was diagnosed two years ago, and was told by the gastro guy that my liver is 80% shot.  I was feeling very, very poorly. About 6 months later I ran across CS on the net, thought what the heck, and have been drinking a mouthful of about 15 PPM CS daily ever since.  Not only has my chronic tooth deterioration come to a schreeching halt, but my LFTs (Liver Function Tests) always come back absolutely normal.  Albumen, protein levels, the whole bit.  I haven't had a viral-load test in over a year, but will soon and you can bet it'll be less than the 3 million/10 ML results I orignally got.   Also, CS seems to really  help with the attendant fatigue problems associated with HCV.  Many friends have asked me if I'm still sick, as they see little difference between me any other "healthy" individual. But make it yourselves people, it's almost free.

Here  is a testimonial  for  CS .....(.Mouth ulsers or Sores of some kind ) My friend Jim move to Phoenix from Pen. 3 yrs ago..  He was complaining of sores in his mouth when he and his family were  guests  for dinner last week. I asked if he had tried CS ?   He said the Dentists, and Dr.'s  have tried everything for 16 yrs. He opened his mouth and it looked like a cave with stalagmites  hanging down and sticking up under his tongue, and sides of his mouth....a doz. or so anyway.   I offered him some CS and at first he didn't want to try it , but his wife insisted.  He gargled with CS and held it in his mouth for 3 min. (timed) I sent a QT. home with him and told him to try washing CS in his mouth 4 times a day holding before the swallow for 3 min.

Yesterday he came to my house again, grinning from ear to ear.... He showed me all his sores were gone,,,,nothing..not even a scar..all gone, zero ! His mouth was perfect. He was so happy. So,  I set him up with a 3 battery generator and stuff. and gave him the address where to get silver at James Allison's  who lives , and works near by., He gave this Testimonial at church too.

Tel Tofflemire
Phoenix, AZ

I tried colloidal silver after my dentist had took two x-rays, wrote a prescription for 500mg of penecillin, and a referral to get two root canals. After realizing it was the infection that had me in so much pain, I returned home and took one tablespoon in the morning, one around noon and another at night.  I was able to sleep. The next day I took three more tablespoons at similar intervals and was pain free. I never filled the prescription and cancelled the root canals.  That has been over a year ago and I have not had any problems with my teeth since.

Kenneth C. Tennant, DC
Davenport, IA  52804

Silver History. The Greek historian Herodotus, called the "Father of History", is one of our prime sources for information known about the fall of Babylon. Herodotus lived a century after the time of Daniel and traveled widely in the East.  In his "Histories", we learn of the campaign of Persia's King Cyrus against Babylon. The details include the fact that no Persian king, including Cyrus, would drink the water of any stream other than the Choaspes, a river that flows past the Persian capital of Susa. Wherever the king went, a long train of four-wheeled mule wagons followed him transporting silver jars filled with boiled water from the rivers waters. The water would keep fresh for years during the long campaigns.

My name is Jo Prescott. I am physically challenged.  I also have a catheter. I was introduced to CS about 5 years ago after I had been diagnosed with Pseudomonas and had been into the hospital and had surgery and was told by my doctor that there was nothing else he could do and if this flared up again, there was nothing left to do.  A friend bought me some CS and I began taking a teaspoon daily.  When a specimen was taken three weeks later, the results showed I was a-symptomatic.  I wasn't surprised because the pain in my back was gone and I was not running a temperature of 103 like I was before. 

Its five years later and I have been diagnosed again with it.  I am getting more CS because I know it works.   A friend came by with a huge fever blister which made her lip swell three times its normal size.  I gave her a small amount I had left over and told her to put some on it.  This was Sunday morning and by Monday morning the swelling was almost completely gone.  I know it works and I have shared it with others who also have used it and from how great it is.  Thanks be to God for bringing it before the people who he revealed it to.  They are blessed because they were chosen to bring this out to people held in captivity by not knowing we could use something that would help and not have bad side effects like most synthetic drugs.  Again I say thank you.

Josephine Prescott
Aiken, South Carolina

Melissa Esparza had Strep B for over a year and antibiotics could not get rid of it. The symptoms were very painful and she was losing hope of ever feeling well again. A friend told her about colloidal silver so she ordered her first bottle. She had a healing crisis the first 2 days and worried that she was making it worse instead of better - but she kept taking it. The next day she noticed that the pain was gone and her other symptoms were lessening. Within a week she said she felt no more pain and no more symptoms.

This is a good report against a very bad bug. We are glad to be able to add it to the list of victories for colloidal silver.

Just to let you know of our success with your product. I ordered the silver generator  for the whole family but especially for my 13 year old daughter who has an acne problem. For over a year we have battled this acne trying months of dermatologist treatment with no results. Even the dermatologist seemed defeated with the results. We ordered Pro-active acne treatment from the TV infomercial and had some improvement but not nearly enough. After brewing the first batch of silver I had her spray her face once a day with it and rub it in somewhat. After three days her face had a dramatic improvement noticed by other people as well. It has been about three weeks and the great improvement has lasted.       

Jill Bradbury

Utopia Silver EDITOR'S NOTE: We have had great testimonials on Acne. We have found that if one takes a maintenance dose orally after the initial topical applications, the topical is no longer necessary.

We (Utopia Silver) are often asked if colloidal silver is good for pets. Our answer is, "A germ is a germ is a germ." Colloidal silver is not species or organism specific. It just kills germs. Think of it as Clorox for the body. Clorox will kill almost any germ. It would kill germs in the body if you drank it. Unfortunately, if you drank much of it, you would die too. Colloidal silver, on the other hand is harmless to body tissues but kills most any germ. Here is a great story of a precious pooch's victory over disease with colloidal silver.

Dear Bill

Several months ago my dog Katie a Tibetan Terry was diagnosed with protein loosing kidney disease and irritable bowl disease, also a protein loosing problem.  We're unable to determine what has happened to Katie, she's always been healthy and she's only 6 years old.  The specialist that she saw did not expected her to live.  Well surprisingly she recovered and we were thrilled.   However, shortly after her recovery she crashed again and was diagnosed with a kidney infection and was immediately put on antibiotics. We were faced with two problems, first we had to eliminate the infection so her kidneys would start functioning again.  Secondly the antibiotics were aggravating her bowel disease and causing diarrhea and dehydration. Dehydration is the worst thing for the kidneys.    She was loosing so much protein through the diarrhea, that the fluids the Vets were giving her to flush out the poisons and hydrate her were not being absorbed and she filled with water.  At that point the doctors called me and told me to consider putting her down.  I checked her out of the hospital and took her home.

I immediately stopped the antibiotics and jumped on the internet in search of a natural antibiotic.  I was thrilled yet skeptical about your product, so I looked for scientific research that supported the testimonials.  Once I read them I placed my order.  Katie has been on a tablespoon per day for three weeks.  After her healing crisis, I noticed an immediate change.  Her diarrhea stopped and her systems seemed to work better.  She has been making steady progress for the last three weeks.  I took her to the doctors yesterday and her infection is gone, her kidney values look good and her meds have been reduced.  I thank God for Colloidal Silver and your Web site. I'm convinced that Katie's bowel problem will improve with continued use. I'll let you know.

Thanks and God bless,


Hi Bill, I have given my mother in law (Jo Anne) silver for 3 months now. She suffered for years with what was misdiagnosed as lupus but since then they said it was Sarcoidosis, a thickening or scar tissue around each air sac in the lungs. She took steriods for years and inhalers too.  Since taking the silver she isn't coughing anymore and no longer needs the steroids or inhalers and June is typically her bad month. I am so gratefull I tried the silver originally so I could share it with others. I share it with all my friends with wonderful results.

Thank you Bill.  Love


I am an acupuncturist and have known about colloidal silver for several years but only recently became involved with it and am now manufacturing it with your generator. My young female client was coming to me with a bladder problem and as I do an elimination procedure with auricular acupuncture, I was succeeding to help her but not completely eliminating the problem. I got her started on some colloidal silver for what I believed to be a very resistant interstitial cystits. After about a week my tests showed she was cleared of her problem.

I was not aware of another problem she had that she had not mentioned to me. (Poor history taking on my part). Two days after she had started the colloidal silver her other problem disappeared and to date has not returned. She had had a toothache and did not tell me but the colloidal silver healed the infection and to date it has not returned. I am now a believer!

Today is 201 days off of tetracycline. Some of the inquiries state that with acne rosecea, they can expect to be on antibotics the rest of their lives and if it were not for you and your dear wife I would still be on it. May God bless you and the work you are doing. My wife and I send you our deepest respects.

Robert and Lillian Weaver

Hi Bill -

Reading in the weekly CS newsletter, I recently read of an acne cure. I say CURE, because I believe that is just what it was, a CURE! Where an M.D might say that, "It's incurable," I don't take him/her seriously. I've witnessed far too many 'incurables' vanish quickly - and, some of these miracles have happened to me.

Back in the early '70s I was in an automobile accident and was told, "DISABLED FOR LIFE." Not true. I turned away and got into holistic medicine and all pains, disfigurements, etc., from the accident left me. However, because THEY had to be RIGHT, I was never released (by them) to return to my former government work. So, I just developed my own work out of the home - and I've made a very good living and have been happy.

AND, since I have read about CS, for around three years now, I am a very faithful everyday user, and I believe that is what keeps me going and feeling so well every day - at my age of 74. CS and activity.

Before closing this I will tell you that in '98 I had cancer surgery of the lung. According to all I have read and/or been told, I should not be doing so well. Yet, it is my belief that the body is the child and the mind is the parent, and that the body, like the child, will do what it is allowed to do (taught to do). So, I certainly use CS as a part of my everyday regimen (teaching) now.


I had purchased three bottles sometime ago and a generator.  Somehow the bottles just sat around.  Sceptisism or what, I'm not sure, but they just sat in the kitchen.  I belong to a naturalcat care group and the topic came up of CS.  So I reached for my bottles, dusted them off and starting taking it myself.

Now a little history here.  I have personally been suffering from degenerative arthritis in my right knee.  I've taken what I believed to be --everything.  Chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, and you name it.  I was even having to double up on my VIOXX because of the pain.  And the pain would be there from just sitting or even in my sleep.

I have been taking the CS now for 4 days and you know what---I have minimal, if any, pain in my right knee--and we've been having rain the past day or so.  Hell--I could have been a weather forcaster with my knee the way it was.  Now--I didn't even know it was going to rain, except for watching the news forcast and of course when it happened.  I love this stuff.

I gave 1/2 a bottle to a coworker to clear up his road rash (motorcycle accident). I'm now using my generator and making bottles for friends and family.  I put it in my cats water, food and use it on them topically for wounds and so forth. What can I say--I love it!

Kim Gibson, MCSE

I have been using cs for two months now and have purchased the generator and make my own now. cs has really helped me and my cat buddy. to start with I had a very bad case of bronchitis and antibiotics weren't helping I bought cs from you and by my second bottle my bronchitis was almost gone . I have had a fungus under my toenail on my left foot since childhood and since being on cs my fungus is gone. I am so grateful to have been lead to your sight. I also have had chronic sinus problems for years and was on two different prescriptions after my first bottle of cs I could see that my sinus  infection was healing,I spray cs into my nose twice daily and as of July 18th i have no sign of infection .As for buddy he <my Cat. has suffered with allergies and has had skin rashes since a kitten he also has had inflamed gums as of today and since I started him on cs he has not had one rash and his gums are healing. I praise God and give thanks to you for the knowledge  you give on cs thank you again

Deborah Belleau


I am so thankful that my wife found you and your product on the web. I had got down so low dealing with doctors, and the idea that i would have to feel this way for the rest of my life. you see, I have CRONIC HEP, and I work in construction as an ELECTRICIAN. My job asks a hole lot of me, and for many years I always wondered why I had to force myself to do anything., energy wise. And now I have been taking colloidol silver for two weeks and my mental and energy level has changed radically. I remember days of laying in bed and not having the energy to get up. Thank you for your product, and GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR RESEARCH.


Dear Bill & Denise ~

After using CS for only several weeks, I have some good reports.  Sam and I have greatly increased energy, and we've noticed that CS heals scratches and insect bites almost overnite.  CS also gives wonderful pain relief when applied topically.

Last Sat. nite, I got a nasty cat bite while helping one of the new critters.  I ran for the CS with blood flowing and dropped it in the puncture wound because CS kills all known bacterias & viruses.  After a couple minutes, I washed thoroughly with soap & dropped in more CS.  I soaked cotton with CS & taped it over the wound.  Sunday, half my hand was swollen, inflammed and sore, but as long as I kept soaking the cotton with CS, I had pain relief.  By Sunday nite, all of a sudden I could move my hand freely & was able to prepare 30 lbs. of food.  I kept soaking the cotton covering the wound in the CS.  Monday a.m. the swelling was almost gone......and no infection.  Today (Tues.), the wound is almost 3/4 closed, & hardly any inflammation.  Normally, this type of deep muscle puncture wound would take 2-3 miserable weeks to progress this far.

Since we received the CS, we've also been giving it to the animals in food & sometimes in their water.  I am thrilled to report that 2 cats with chronic illnesses are both off the killer steroid drugs.  The kitty with Pancreatitis has not thrown up once, and her coat is improving every day. The kitty with Conjunctivitis has no symptoms either, & is full of energy.  I never dropped it in her eye, but just in the food and water.  Being a nutritionist, the animals all eat a natural healthy diet, with supplements & enzymes added to their food.

We are now making CS & just started giving it to family, friends & co-workers.  After only a few days, one of Sam's co-workers with many allergies & serious fatigue has already noticed that she has more energy & feels better.  She said, "even my dog has more energy".  My sister applied it to a cut, & the cut was almost gone the next day.

You are both God-sends, as we never could afford to use CS so liberally without you, therefore we wouldn't have all these wonderful results.  We also want to thank-you for being so generous with your time and answers. I will let you know when I have more good reports.  If anyone wants to contact me about our CS experiences, my email is:

Thank-you again, and God bless,


Dear Bill,

Thank you for the CS info. I originally bought some for myself, then tried it as a last-ditch resort for my cat. (If this didn't work we were prepared to put him out of his misery). He had been on antibiotics for 2 years for a urinary tract infection. He was looking horrible and none of the drugs were working. I gave him cs and he now has been symptom free for 4 months. He has gained 2 lbs and has rejoined our family as a pet instead of hiding from the world.

Another note: We have outside kittens. Anyone who has seen farm cats/kittens can relate to this. One of the kitten's eye's was horribly swollen up. I'm not sure what causes this, just many kittens succumb to this and sometimes die. I treated this kitten with 1 tsp of cs ONCE. Two days later the infection had disappeared and he looks as healthy as the others or more so.

Yes CS is a great thing for humans, but can save any pet owner a bushel of money by using it instead of those expensive vets bills/meds. Yes, take your pets to the vet for checkups and preventative vacines/heartworm meds...but keep CS around for them. We wouldn't have my 14 year-old cat with us today without it.

Thanks Again


I bought your generator and test equipment about a year or so ago and have had only positive results.  The solution removed a skin melanoma from my right temple area and a 'suspicious' looking spot from my left forearm. I used a very low dosage, approx. 3-4 ppm orally for about 4 to 5 months before the spots dried up and went away.

I use the spray bottle on my throat when I get a sore throat and it makes the infection in my tonsils come out. I get a white rubbery substance out of each tonsil about 3 to 4 days after the topical application. It's the wierdest thing to see that infection actually expelled from my tonsils. I use a medium concentration of about 7-10 ppm now and it seems to work fine. I don't take it every day, just when I need it. Thank you for a fine product.

Jay Hedden
129 Park Ave.
Lafayette, IN 47904

My neighbors kid had strep and was down with fever and antibiotics for 4 days.  Her grandfather and mother also got the virus.  My kids and I were playing over at their house the day before she came down with it hard.  We all took colloidal silver and never got the infection.  She got reinfected again, and that we didnt get either.

The same little girl got the flu from her daycare, was sick as a dog for 2 days.  Her grandparents and her mother also came down with it.  We however, did not get it.  Whenever the sick feeling came on we swigged off the CS bottle I made and never got sick.

Same little girls dog, Martin, came down with a fever and snotty, sneezing nose.  The mothers vet put the dog on 3 bouts of antibiotics.  They said he needed to get on antihistamines for an allergy that he didnt suffer from before.  He didnt get better. I have been telling her that CS helped us avoid the bug twice and she should try it for Martin.  Finally I ended up giving her some I made, and the dog was better in 2 days.  She is a believer now. When she started coming down with the flu she took some of Martins CS and didnt end up getting the flu.


Leila North
Boot Hill Herbs
Johnson City Tx

I recently learned about and began using CS about a month ago. I began taking it because I was feeling run down and was healing slowly. Just on a whim a placed a drop on a wart I have had on my finger since 1983, covered it with a bandaid . A week later the wart has shrunk by 75% and looks like it will go away for good. I placed it on a rash of pus filled skin bumps I have had ever since I was a kid and they have begun to dissapear as well. CS is a miracle cure. It has cured every ailment of mine that has a pathogen as a root cause. My quality of life has improved tremendously.

Thank you,

Jesse Salcedo

From Rev. Ruth Koch

Such great things are happening because of taking colloidal silver. My hair was thinning aruond face and taking colloidal silver. It is all growing in. I had a growth on my wrists. I just rubbed colloidal silver on it every night. After two weeks it was totally gone. Praise the Lord. I also took it internally. I also had a big wart removed from my head. Sinus is healed. Yeast infection I have had for years from antibiotics was totally healed. No more. That was the same time as the grown on wrists. Pain in knees and ankles completely gone.

I give the Lord and colloidal silver all the Glory. Medicine and antibiotics can't cure it has been proven. My husband had prostate and bladder surgery and started swelling. He took 3 ounces of the colloidal silver and all the swelling and distention left. He locally applied to his shoulder where he had a pin in his shoulder for years. Got very painful. He applied it locally and all the pain left. His eyes are so much better and he sprays it in his eyes every night. His strength and energy has so increased. Praise the Lord!. There are so many testimonies from church people that we got to take colloidal silver. From edema in knee and legs. Asthma, growths gone, Diabetes better. Throats healed. Arthritis gone. I could go on and on. Praise to the Lord. Keep up the work, brother Bill. Antibiotics are not the answer. Colloidal silver is.

In Him, our Blessed Jesus,

Rev. Ruth and Raymond Koch, Hemet, CA.

From Vera:

My bicuspid started aching around the gum line. I swished 1/2 teaspoon of colloidal silver around my tooth and gum - within 2-3 minutes the pain subsided! Thank you.

Severial years ago I was diagnosed with hepatitis c, I tried all kinds of differant herbs and nothing seemed to help. I had no energy and that made it verry difficult for me to make a living. A couple of years ago my brother told me about coloidal silver and he made me a batch. I almost immeaditaly started to feel better. But then after running out of it I discontinued using it and started to feel down again. And then just reciently I was diaignosed with a gallbladder infection and ordered the rods from you. I made my first batch and started to take it as soon as it was finished.

But first I must tell you that before taking it I had a verry serious case of diarrhea, making it even difficult to sleep because it was uncontrollable.This is a hard thing to talk about, but the good news is that it has stopped compleatly and I am now able to work without worring about having any problems, Oh ya and the stomache aches are gone also.I no longer worry about going to work and I am once again able to sleep like a baby without having to worry. I am also taking the gold now. Both great products, Thanks and God bless. Oh ya Thanks for the prayer also

James Christianson

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